People Are Having Trouble Understanding What’s Wrong With This Dog Picture

Every so often a photo pops up on the internet that baffles users from all over. Many seem to recall the Black and Blue dress, or what it blue and gold? No, it was black and blue. Or was it? This new photo features an adorable puppy looking straight at you, but it might take you a minute to recognize where the dog is.

No, you aren’t going crazy. This dog isn’t some kind of deformed beast. What you’re actually looking at is an optical illusion. What’s happening when our eyes are tricked by our minds?

This occurs when our eyes make an assumption based on what we’re seeing, where in reality we are perceiving something far different than it is in reality. This happens when your eyes think an ornate pattern in a rug or surface might actually be moving, or those black dot quizzes where a red dot appears where there actually isn’t a dot at all.

The same thing is happening with this photo, but can you determine what exactly that is? At first glance, we see a rather ugly dog with its mouth agape, but upon further inspection, we’re seeing something radically different. What’s happening here is a mind shift where our minds can’t quite make up what exactly it is that we’re seeing but, in fact, it’s there plain as day.

If you look at this cute puppy closely, you’ll see he’s actually just turning his head! When the features of the dog’s face are highlighted, we have an instant “Ah-ha!” moment where the reality becomes understandable, and the mind shifts again to understand what it is we’re actually seeing.

This effect which happens time and time again has been studied for centuries by optical specialists. Another effect not seen in this photo is called “Apparent Motion” where a design or pattern appears to “move” on its own, whereas in reality, this is not the case. However, this photo is just a plain old optical illusion.

The puppy isn’t too concerned with what we see. He just looks like he’s smiling and being silly by being upside down! Here we have rotated the photo so you can get a great view of this GOOD BOY!

People Are Having Trouble Understanding What's Wrong With This Dog PictureImgur

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