12 People That Totally Asked The Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help

James Fridman is the ultimate internet troll. He uses his amazing talent in Photoshop to alter internet users’ personal photos. If you’re looking for someone to make you look flawless or make your features bigger in a photo, this is not your guy.

Fridman’s hilarious work has gotten so much attention now, users who submit their photos to him pretty much know what to expect. However, at the same time they don’t. He always comes up with amusing new ways to play on words, take the literal sense of everything and joke around with people’s typos.

Goofiness aside, Fridman’s work is actually a playful take on more serious issues in the media. For instance, how Photoshop changes the way we perceive things like models in magazines. He can do just about anything with his fascinating skills. His works teaches us how what we see isn’t always what is real. Check out these 12 Twitter users who totally asked the wrong guy for Photoshop help.  

1. Apparently, this girl either has a super weird dinosaur fixation or isn’t a huge fan of the guy she’s smooching. Instead of it looking like she’s kissing him, she asked Fridman to make it look like she was kissing a dinosaur. Well, he delivered.

2. Fridman is the master of taking the literal to the next level. A boyfriend wanted to fix an awkward-looking photo of he and his girlfriend and asked the Photoshop guru for help. Well, what a mistake that was, now the two of them look like they’re at a restaurant for cannibals.

3. Clearly putting into perspective what “flawless” really is, Fridman did this to a young girl who wanted to improve her selfie. The only flawless “woman” on this planet is Barbie, and she’s made of plastic and paint.

4. When this woman asked to be Photoshopped into a Harry Potter character, I doubt Dobby was who she had in mind. Maybe the intelligent Hermione Granger? Or, the outspoken Ginny Weasley. Nope, instead, you’re Dobby the house-elf.

James Fridman

5. There’s no happy medium when it comes to Fridman’s Photoshop trolling. For this girl, a round head would have been better than looking like Spongebob Squarepants. But really, what was she expecting?

James Fridman

6. Well, I guess Fridman wanted to make this one as relatable as possible. Jumping away from a fire or an explosion is stuff you only see in movies. But, jumping away from responsibilities, on the other hand, is something we try and do every day.

James Fridman

7. This one is just classic. This woman, clearly unhappy with her no junk in the trunk asked Fridman for an improvement. Instead of a big round rear, he gave her a donkey (and you know about that other word for donkey, right?). The donkey is a cute addition anyway.

8. Fridman couldn’t help himself with this one. When you can’t spell, you’re fair game. First of all, he snarkily shoots down her attempt to give him and nickname. Second of all, instead of a heavenly tattoo, she got complementary angles instead.

9. I don’t think this little boy was expecting his father’s torso to be cut off when he asked to look taller than him. But at the end of the day, he still got what he wanted just with a really odd looking dad.

10. I can definitely understand why this beach beauty wanted her photo fixed. Her dad looks like a creep. But, rather than looking like a weirdo, her dad ended up looking like something out of the exorcist. Maybe she should have just stuck to cropping him out.

11. Why this guy would want a mullet in the first place is beyond me. Fridman was just looking out for the poor guy by making sure his hair stayed the way it was. The only mullet he ended up with was a fish.

12. These ladies missed out on the perfect photo op when a pesky bald guy got in the way. Instead of removing him like the girls requested, Fridman decided he would reimagine the man’s head into a tasty scoop of ice cream complete with chocolate syrup, of course.




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