Watch Deadpool Flash-Dancing Around Céline Dion In New Power Ballad

Céline Dion dropped a new music video on May 3rd on her VEVO channel. The song is called Ashes and is from the Deadpool 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack. What makes this music video different than Dion’s previous ones is that it features Deadpool himself.

This music video is similar in a lot of ways to other movie soundtrack music videos. There are clips from the movie that are scattered throughout, yet the Ashes music video brings that format to new heights. Instead of only having clips from Deadpool 2, they decided to place Deadpool in the music video. We wouldn’t be talking about this video though if this was just Deadpool walking around. We are talking about it because Deadpool performs a flash dance around Dion.

The video begins similar to other Dion music videos, with her standing on a stage and belting out her beautiful voice. We then see movie clips from Deadpool 2 which will make a lot of eagerly-waiting fans happy. Then out of nowhere, Deadpool shows up on the stage with Dion and begins a flash-dance sequence.

Deadpool ends up getting really into it, and we must admit he is quite the dancer. He has a big number in the middle of the music video where there is glitter on the stage and spotlights shining down on him. And he manages to do all of this in heels. This makes for an entertaining music video, to say the least.

When we think of the type of music we might expect from a Deadpool film, Dion isn’t the first person who comes to mind. But here we are with a hilarious music video that has reached 20 million views and counting. It also brought more awareness to Deadpool 2. When Ryan Reynolds was recently asked at an AOL Build panel about getting Dion to do a song in the movie he said, “Of course, the studio piles up a whole bunch of sort of millennial, friendly type singers that are all incredibly talented, but we just thought, ‘Let’s go right to the legend. Let’s see if we can get her.’ So we got away through her manager. I sent her a long letter describing what Deadpool is and what we’re hoping to do, and somehow…two hours later or something, she said yes. And then we said, ‘How about a video?’ and she said yes to that, too!”

For those of you who don’t know what Deadpool is, he is a superhero from the Marvel comics universe. He stands out compared to the rest of the superheroes you are used to seeing because he curses, constantly breaks the fourth wall, is inappropriate and is downright hilarious. According to Forbes, the first film, labelled Deadpool, earned over 700 million US globally. That would make the first Deadpool film the biggest R-rated film ever. The second film is due to come out on May 18 and, according to Deadline, is expected to earn 350 million US globally during its opening weekend.

If you haven’t seen the music video for Ashes yet you can watch it below.

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