Rules to Wear Rings


In today’s society, there are different types of etiquette that we must abide by. Table manners are a prime example, especially if you’re dining in the face of royalty. But what you may not know is that there are rules to wearing rings. Yes, there is such etiquette.

Wearing rings can be used to make certain statements such as marriage, but there are also certain styles that wearing rings can indicate.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some different ring etiquette and what each of them signifies.

Wear It With Confidence: One of the most important rules to wearing rings is to wear it with confidence. Like any style, in order for it to work, you need to “walk the walk.” The more confident you are with the rings, the better message it gives to people that are looking at you. This means that you shouldn’t play with the rings; it will show that you are trying to attract attention to the fact that you’re wearing one.

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Every Ring Has A Message: When you are wearing rings, it is important to know that placement is everything. Putting a ring on different fingers can symbolize different meanings. Take a wedding ring for example; it’s on the left hand on the second last finger. So if you wear a ring on that finger, expect people to ask “how long have you been married.”


Those who wear a ring on their pinky finger tend to have high beliefs in astrology and palmistry. They connect a pinky ring to higher intelligence and usually have a big influence on others.

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If someone is extremely comfortable wearing a ring, they will also wear one on their middle finger. If they are also married, they will wear something less heavy since it is connected to the index finger.


If you see someone who is wearing a thumb ring, it usually symbolizes that they have great wealth. Centuries ago, those who wore thumb rings had strong characters and usually came from a family of wealth. You don’t see this type of ring too often anymore.

Ring Proportion: The next rule that you need to abide by is the size of your hand. If you have a smaller hand, you won’t want to wear rings that are much larger, it will look uneven. The same goes for those who have a larger hand, you won’t want to wear a ring that is too small. Also, you should wear your rings based on the size of your fingers as well. You wouldn’t wear a bunch of big rings, on one hand, you’ll want to space them out so it looks more noticeable.


Balance Your Rings and Jewelry: One of the main rules to wearing rings is to ensure they need to go with the jewelry you are wearing, and they have to be spaced out on both hands. You wouldn’t wear a fancy watch and three rings on one hand and leave your other hand blank. Instead, you would leave one or two rings on one hand and place the other ring on the opposing hand. If you overdo it, it could destroy the whole look.


Match the Jewelry: If you are wearing a stainless steel watch, you wouldn’t wear a gold ring to go with that, you would wear a stainless steel ring. The same goes with wearing a gold watch, you wouldn’t wear a stainless steel ring with a gold watch right? It’s also best to try and match your attire with your jewelry as well.

Rules to wearing rings

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