16 Worst Plastic Surgeries Ever Performed On Someone

Plastic surgery, when done properly, can make you look younger and more attractive. However, bad plastic surgery can do exactly the opposite. It can make your facial features look disproportionate. It can completely obliterate your natural features. 

Some of the worst plastic surgeries have destroyed people’s careers. There have been plastic surgery disasters that apparently don’t even faze the people who went under the knife. Each plastic surgery disaster has its own story behind it, and each person who went under the knife has their own opinion of whether their face or body turned out the way they wanted it to.

These are just 16 of the worst plastic surgeries to ever be seen in the world. Bad plastic surgery can be a curse, but sometimes the people who get it are so oblivious to how they look that it doesn’t even register with them. What all of these photos really show is that beauty cannot be quantified by big lips or high cheekbones. Real beauty is appreciating what you have.

1. Mickey Rourke: The rough-and-tumble actor who appeared in The Wrestler has wrestled with his own facial issues stemming from a brief boxing career. He openly admits that the surgeries did not go well.

2. Carrot Top: Once known as the world’s most famous prop comedian, Carrot Top has started to look like a prop himself. It has also been speculated that he used steroids to achieve his new physique.

3. Wayne Newton: The legendary Las Vegas performer is looking very bloated these days due to repeated Botox injections and other procedures. Newton’s face should be reason enough to age gracefully.

4. Renee Zellweger: People couldn’t believe that this was the same actress who appeared in Bridget Jones’s Diary, but it definitely was. Zellweger has completely ditched her original look.

5. Tara Reid: Unfortunately for Tara Reid, body contouring sometimes has some unappealing side effects. In her case, her once flat stomach was left bumpy and scarred.

6. Jennifer Grey: Once known for films such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing, Grey had a nose job that unfortunately “fixed” her most defining feature.

7. Lindsay Lohan: Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was one of the most in-demand Hollywood stars. Now, she’s looking much older despite the amount of plastic surgery she’s had.

8. Melanie Griffith: Melanie Griffith has probably gone way too far with her plastic surgery, but she has also gone on record saying that people constantly make fun of her looks.

9. Lisa Rinna: Lisa Rinna is trying really hard to preserve her youthful look, but as time goes on the plastic surgery makes her appear more distorted.

10. Janice Dickinson: The former supermodel and reality TV star has never been shy about her love of plastic surgery, but maybe it’s about time for her to cut back a bit.

11. Courtney Love: Courtney has admitted that she has many regrets about going under the knife, and honestly, it’s not hard to see why. Too much can go wrong with plastic surgery.

12. Sharon Osbourne: Sharon has always been open about her numerous plastic surgeries, but also admits that she may have gone too far with the number of procedures she’s had.

13. Madonna: The material girl has lived up to her name by having numerous plastic surgeries. She’s certainly come a long way from telling Papa not to preach.

14. Heidi Montag: The former The Hills star said she regrets all of the plastic surgery she had done, and that she felt she was under too much pressure to appear a certain way.

15. Alexa Ray Joel: The daughter of Billy Joel was teased about her looks, which led her to get plastic surgery. It’s too bad that even the kids of famous rock stars can feel self-conscious.

16. Jocelyn Wildenstein: No list of bad plastic surgery would be complete without this New York socialite, who spent over $4 million on her looks.

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