YouTube Banned A Food Vlogger After He Ate Something Pretty Disgusting On Camera

Kevin Strahle, also known as the L.A. Beast, is an American professional competitive eater who also has a YouTube channel called ‘skippy62able.’ While there are many food blogs and vloggers out there showing off their delicacies and fancy meals, Kevin goes about things a little differently.

With almost 2 million subscribers on his channel, Kevin has to go above and beyond to impress them.

And it seems like he got the unwanted attention of the YouTube brass who slapped him with a 3- month suspension after they saw a video of him eating a cockroach back in 2013.

The 34-year-old from New Jersey has long been notorious for guzzling a wide array of things.


Whether it be smashing McDonald’s burgers into his mouth in under a minute or eating 13 ghost chili peppers all at once, Kevin is known to take his body and his stomach to absurd extremes.


He even went so far as to drink a 20-year-old bottle of Crystal Pepsi which surprise surprise, ended up with him throwing up.

food-vlogger-youtube-kevin-bannedNY Daily News

But it was a video that Kevin uploaded in 2013 of him eating a giant cockroach that seemed to be the last straw. YouTube banned Kevin from live streaming for three months after seeing the cockroach-eating video.


And many people were rightfully upset at the harsh judgment. Kevin’s ban came just days after another YouTuber, Logan Paul, received huge backlash after filming a dead body and uploading it to YouTube.


Logan Paul was in Japan when he entered into what is commonly known as ‘The Suicide Forest’ and filmed the body of a suicide victim and posted it on YouTube. The video ended up getting millions of likes and reached the top of the trending charts on YouTube before it was finally taken down.

food-vlogger-youtube-kevin-bannedDaily Mail

Wreckless Eating, which is another YouTube channel that does food challenges and has also been banned by YouTube before defended Kevin in a public statement.


They said: ‘YouTube promoted the showing of a suicide on their trending page with no punishment to @LoganPaul but banned @KevLAbeast from live streaming for 3 months because he ate a dead cockroach. This is really the current state of YouTube.’


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