This Harley-Davidson Hybrid Motorcycle Is Also A Limousine

“Get yer’ motor runnin’! Head out on the highway!” This new adventurous Harley-Davidson Hybrid Motorcycle is actually the latest (and greatest) limousine to hit the streets.

This snazzy new “bike-ousine” can seat up to 8 passengers, has a snazzy V8 Chevy engine, and is composed of roughly 1.75 tonnes of steel. Wowzer! Can you just imagine driving this hog up to prom or your next wedding?

Your next party time cruise is definitely born to be wild with this bad boy. Just imagine how amazing it would be to arrive at a fancy event in this thing. The rumble of the engine will have everyone turning their heads, and you would be the talk of the town.

Just check out this hog. The luxurious driver’s seat offers a comfortable, and exotic ride while your partying-passengers get to have a blast in the back.

There’s plenty of room inside for a good time. The side door swings open to allow easy-to-enter access. No more crawling around inside like you would a regular limousine.

All the interior seats are cushioned with luxurious memory foam and temperature controlled leather seats. Looks pretty comfy, doesn’t it?

The front end of this baby reminds you that even though this is a limousine, this is one lean-mean-driving-machine.

This luxurious HOG has a rumble seat in the very back, so you can enjoy riding in the wind and in style.

Another view of the back of the bike-limousine shows you just how fancy and pimpin’ this ride truly is. Those rumble seats look like a tremendous amount of fun.

The interior of this LimoBike comes with its own TV, a wet bar, and a surround sound system.

Unfortunately, this LimoBike is not yet for sale. It is a custom built Harley-Davidson from a company called Wildlife Tours in Australia. We want them to build an entire fleet so we can party in style.

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