They Walked Into A Nevada Brothel And Their Expectations Were Shattered

There are a number of legal brothels in the state of Nevada. This is due to the fact that legal prostitution in Nevada can be found in a number of cities and counties. The state’s sex trade remains a divisive issue, but there are those who argue in favour of it, saying that it provides a safe way for sex workers to make a living without having to fear legal repercussions.

 A Nevada Brothel And Their Expectations Were ShatteredSheri's Ranch

There are 21 legal brothels in Nevada, and none of them are located in the major cities of Las Vegas, Reno, or Carson City, where prostitution is still illegal. Despite the presence of legal brothels within the state, illegal prostitution remains more lucrative. According to a study done by ABC News, while roughly 1,000 women work as independent contractors in the legal prostitution business, approximately 10,000 women work illegally in Las Vegas.

Legal brothels in the state of Nevada include the World Famous Mustang Ranch, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and Sheri’s Ranch, which is located in the city of Pahrump. Sheri’s Ranch is separated into two distinct businesses. Through one entrance are the bar and grill. On the other is the actual brothel.

While there is a stigma against the sex trade and legal brothels, the women who work in these establishments are generally happy with their lives and the work they do. Dylan Love with Business Insider was told by Dena, one of the employees at Sheri’s Ranch, that “The No. 1 misconception about places like this is that the girls are here against their will. But that’s just not true.”

Christina Parreira, a UNLV Ph.D. student, worked as a prostitute in the Alien Cathouse brothel while she was researching the sex trade. When she interviewed 50 other women working in the sex trade, only five of them had experienced violence in their work. Parreira also told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that cities with legal brothels benefited from the added revenue, using it for emergency services and clinics.

Although legal brothels still operate and turn a profit, there are those that believe the industry may not last much longer in the state due to shrinking popularity and technology that makes it easier to find a casual hook up. George Flint, who worked as a lobbyist for the legal prostitution industry, retired in 2015 at the age of 81. Democratic state senator Tick Segerblom told the Los Angeles Times: “These brothels are really a relic of the past. Even here in Nevada, they’re relegated to what we call the cow counties,” adding that the more urban areas of Nevada would like to be rid of legal brothels altogether.

Whether legal brothels remain in the state or are eventually banned altogether, they still remain a career choice for some women. In some cases, these women are escaping from a life of illegal prostitution which put them in danger. For others, it is an easy and safe way to make extra money.

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