This Cat’s Reaction To Possum Stealing Her Food Gets Better And Better With Every Pic

What can you do when you see a hungry possum stealing cat food? If you’re the cat in question, not much really, except for the appeal to your owner and try to get some help. Imgur user MrRogers247 captured his cat’s reaction to a possum digging in on her kibbles and bits, and she does not look too happy about the situation at all.

Of course, the possum stealing the food doesn’t care at all about how it’s making the cat feel. It’s just trying to get a meal in before it runs back to its possum hole. This poor cat just has to sit there and deal with this possum stealing her dinner.

Luckily, the entire ordeal was caught on camera for everyone’s enjoyment, except the cat, obviously. Hopefully she managed to get a bite in after the possum had its fill. The lesson here is that if you see a possum stealing cat food, take a picture of the cat’s reaction, and you’ll laugh about it later.

First, the cat and the hungry possum meet face to face. The possum has made itself known, and clearly does not consider the cat a threat.

The cat looks to her owner, presumably for some back up. “Hey, do you see this possum stealing my food? How about a little help?” She seems to say.

The cat comes closer to the window, looking more desperate than ever to be rid of the woodland interloper who has so shamelessly helped itself to the bowl of her food.

If cats could shed tears, that might be happening now. Unfortunately, all they can do is express their distress. This poor girl looks like she’s about to have a feline breakdown.

What if they could share? The cat thinks that maybe she needs to just give the possum some of her food, while getting at least a quick nibble in.

Unfortunately, this was the wrong decision. Not only is this possum very hungry, but it’s also very greedy. The cat has backed off as she sees she cannot tame this wild animal.

One last look at her owner, and the cat seems to say, “this is happening, and there is nothing I can do about it.”

Apparently the cat and the possum now have an uneasy truce. The possum is still allowed to come on the porch, but the cat knows to give it some space. Maybe one day, they can become friends.

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