President Trump Hogs Umbrella, Melania And Barron Fend For Themselves

The media has captured a President Trump moment again that has him under fire, this time the photos show him holding a massive black umbrella over himself, and himself only. The photos make it seem like he left his wife Melania and his son unprotected from the rain.

The photographs of the US President boarding Air Force One at West Palm Beach in Florida show him holding the large black umbrella as he walks up the steps to the plane. His wife and son are seen walking behind him without the protection of an umbrella or any waterproof clothing.

People didn’t wait, they turned to social media to criticize the President, saying that his behaviour was far from gentlemanly. One Twitter user, Sonny Grewal, said: “Just seen @realDonaldTrump getting on his plane holding an umbrella for himself while his son and wife get soaked in the rain. Says it all about him! #selfishTrump.”

Another person also responded to the photographs, saying “Friday while in Pittsburgh a total stranger shared his umbrella with me in the parking lot at the hospital. He even walked me over to my car he was elderly and I told him I was OK but, he insisted.”

There’s no way of telling for sure what the situation was exactly in the photos. For all we know, perhaps he offered the umbrella to his wife and son and they simply did not want it. Regardless, it’s understandable why people would jump to the conclusion that he hogged the massive black umbrella all to himself.

It’s not just social media users who believe Trump is lacking manners. According to Glamour, etiquette experts are giving their opinions, saying that being the leader of the free world doesn’t exempt one from common decency. According to Daniel Post Senning, author, and spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute, “We generally try to not comment on individuals, but in terms of principles of etiquette your rank doesn’t absolve you from common courtesy.”

He further explained to the New York Daily News, “The core tenet of good etiquette is thinking about other people. There’s something classy and thoughtful about considering others.” Michael Wolff wrote about the President’s hair in a new book, saying “…a contained island after scalp-reduction surgery-surrounded by a furry circle of hair around the sides and front.” Sounds complex.

People are jumping to conclusions with these photos because this isn’t the first time Trump has been accused of unchivalrous conduct. People can think of multiple times that Trump didn’t act in the most respectable way, like talking about his wife to someone and forgetting that she was standing right there next to him. Regardless, we can’t run to conclusions with these umbrella photos, but they sure don’t work in Trump’s favour!

President Trump Hogs Umbrella, Melania And Barron Fend For ThemselvesAnna Soroka

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