Dog Loses It After Finding Out He’s At Pet Store

If you ask a child where her favorite place is, chances are, she will tell you it’s a toy store. Do you remember the pure joy and excitement whenever you got the chance to go to a Toys “R” Us? The subject in this video isn’t a child, but an adorable pug whose favorite place in the world is a PetSmart.

In this video, a man drives with his dog Captain. According to the owner, the little canine loves PetSmart more than anything else. After the owner tells Captain where they’re going, the little dog responds in the most unusual and comical way a dog could.

Captain goes from sitting calmly, all fastened in with his dog seat belt, to being completely excited. His owner informs him where they are by saying: “Hey, buddy. We’re at PetSmart.” Almost instantly, Captain perks up and begins barking in excited anticipation.  

After he jumps up a bit to get a glimpse through the window, his barking turns into more of an excited howling, and at some points it even sounds like he’s trying to say words. Some people in the comments pointed out that it sounds like he even says “I love you.” Check out the adorable clip on the next page.

When the car parks, Captain continues to bark and howl until his owner asks him “Are you ready to go?” and he proceeds to freak out. He even tries to leap out of his seat. His owner tries to calm him down, asking for a high five before they go in, and Captain make an attempt but basically just leaps from his seat again.

His owner asks him if he wants to go play with his friends in PetSmart and after a few more excited howls he’s finally taken out of the car. As soon as he’s told he can go, Captain begins to run pulling on the leash. When he finally makes it inside the store, he’s so excited that his feet slip and slide on the linoleum floor.

He makes his rounds, tale wagging and nose sniffing about. He then slowly, and surprisingly, becomes quieter and calmer after he realizes that he’s free to run around. Check out the adorable video below.

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