The 8 Trendiest Haircuts For Spring

As we work our way into the warmer months of this year, many fashion forward divas are giving a good deal of consideration into these awesome 2018 hairstyles. Well, look no further ladies, you’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of a nice spring chop-chop.

It’s so hard finding the right hairstyle that works for you. A general rule of thumb is to always consult with your hairdresser or stylist about what haircut looks best for your shape of face. When it comes to hairstyles, it’s usually best to emulate celebrities and their looks. Many famous people have their own stylists who are at the top of their game. They usually have the best tips, insider secrets, and the greatest sense of what hairstyles of 2018 will have to offer.

If you’re a person who is looking to create a new you, then you’re in for a good number of options to help you choose the hairstyle you like the most. The following 2018 hairstyles are the hottest trends on social media and in the world of celebrities this spring. Check them out!

1) Classic Bangs: Trust me! Don’t be scared. This isn’t a boring list that shows you boring haircuts. Believe it or not, classic bangs are back in. There’s no denying that this look will never go out of style. Some celebrities that are currently rocking the classic bangs look are actresses Nina Dobrev, Dakota Johnson, and Marcia Gay Harden. Classic bangs are an essential look for any lady looking to impress in 2018.

2) Choppy Bob: This is one of the best and hottest new looks for women’s hairstyle to come out in 2018. Nothing says that you’re just “done” with long hair like a good old-fashioned bob. However, in 2018, many people are opting for the ‘choppy bob’ which adds a little more texture, flare and little more va-va-voom into your hairstyle. Some celebrities with this haircut include Cameron Diaz, Nina Dobrev, and Meg Ryan.

3) Midi Cut: Awe, this style is so adorable. What was born in the late 1920s, has now evolved into a style unique to each woman. This style usually features shoulder length hair that can be styled in a variety of ways. Nothing says versatility like a great midi cut. Celebrities rocking the style are Emma Stone, Chrissy Teigen, and Jennifer Lawrence.

4) Micro Bangs: If you want to add some mystery and intrigue into your 2018 hairstyle, why not opt for a look that includes micro bangs? This to-the-point hairstyle is honestly really fun and mysterious if you want to give people the impression that you don’t mess around. One celebrity rocking this look right now is Emma Watson.

5) Mullet: Yaas, queen yaas! You heard me right! Mullets are back in. Despite what you’ve been told about the mullet, they have actually proven to be that style that nobody predicted to return. Celebrities who have rocked this look include Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Stewart. They’re honestly super cute.

6) Curtain Bangs: This is such a classic look for any woman looking to add a little flair in their lives, however it’s going to take a little self-restraint to deal with your hair and bangs while they’re a bit awkward as you grow out those lengths. Curtain bangs also do a fantastic job of framing your face. Why not try them out this year?

7) Messy Pixies: This is by far the hottest hair trend moving into 2018. It’s time to lose the hair like you just don’t care. Messy pixies are extremely low maintenance and are the perfect look for any girl who doesn’t have time for your shenanigans. Celebs who have seriously rocked this look in the past are Emma Watson, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lawrence.

8) Modern Shag: This is another timeless yet fabulous look that has been modernized to give it less of a “Brady Bunch” look and more up-to-date with 2018. It’s messy, fun, and all around stylish. Celebrities who have rocked this look are Halle Berry, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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