15+ Times Product Packaging Was So Wrong, People Couldn’t Stay Silent Any Longer

Around the world, product packaging is done in a multitude of ways. Certain companies have packaged their products in a way that they feel is best, as far as marketing or preservation. At times, we may come across a certain product that we may question, as far as how or why it was packaged in a specific way. Other times, we may notice that something has gone terribly wrong.

Today, we take a look at product packaging from all over the world, and the silly mistakes that companies have made in doing so. From the way products have been placed, to the way the printing was misspelled, we explore the different ways that companies have made mistakes before their products arrived on the shelves for sale.

Join us for a laugh and a head scratch, as we dive into the strangest mishaps as far as product packaging goes. You are bound to wonder why, and how, as we come across some of the more questionable product packaging mistakes on the globe.

1. In our first photo, we get right into it, with a (not so) inviting cup of tea. If given the choice, would you choose between a company named after, well, a urinal, or something more welcoming? 

2. Here, we have some packaged jam, with a label of a jolly child enjoying it, however, it reads “Tastes Like Grandma”, and one could only hope that isn’t exactly the case.

3. This one is definitely alarming, and yes, you definitely read that right. Here, we have what appears to be called “Child Shredded Meat”, and it is each and every customer and consumer’s hope that this, in fact, is anything but a human child’s remains.

4. Imagine going to choose yourself a juice to drink, and coming across this disaster. This can reads “The jew’s ear juice”, which was either misprinted or absolutely mistranslated. One can only wonder what is really inside that can.

5. These days, we have a ton of different chip and nut flavor selections. This one, however, would be tough to pick up off the shelves, as it reads “Only Puke”, which certainly isn’t a promising flavor to decide on.

6. Yikes. This one was a very blatant fail. Containers of what reads “Crap” are being sold here on the shelves in this supermarket, and one can only wonder who stopped and decided to pick up one of their own.

7. To be fair, this one could’ve been innocently overlooked, had their not been a very obvious depiction of the camel itself right next to it. In what is a very revealing cartoon of the camel, one can only arrive at the conclusion that it corresponds with the labeling, which is atrocious.

8. This is one that certainly requires a double take. If you passed by this in a grocery store, you will most certainly have taken another glance at this very questionable product, which one may really be skeptical about.

9. There are two things that are wrong with this packaging and labeling. For one, it’s hard to imagine how they arrived at “monkey”, had it been a typo. Next, those are clearly peanuts that are in that packaging.

10. It’s difficult to try and understand who may have thought that this was a smart or efficient choice. Here, we have individually packaged coke cans, which certainly do not need all of that excess packaging, or any at all, and they are wrongly placed in the meat section.

11. Now, we have bananas that are sealed and individually packaged, when they already come in their own natural and biodegradable packaging together. Again, it’s tough to try and comprehend the decision that was made to package it in this very inefficient way.

12. Here, we have another product that already comes in its own compostable natural wrapping, and it has been de-seeded and shelved in halves, wrapped in wasteful plastic. This is an unnecessary packaging idea, as customers prefer buying their avocados fresh and handling them themselves.

13. This one is definitely beyond me. Individually packaged, sliced bread; completely contradicting the whole ‘fresh’ aspect of buying bread. I can’t wrap my head around who would think this is a good idea, and who would buy this option as opposed to fresh, whole bread.

14. This is just plain counterproductive. Here, we have a box of M&Ms, holding a bag of M&Ms that is found inside of it. This is a clear example of wasteful packaging, and what not to do when releasing a product for sale.

15. For this one, the convenience factor can be understood, however, we’re talking about three little slices of watermelon, in an entire plastic casing, which is truly wasteful. Most people would definitely prefer purchasing an entire watermelon, and having as much of it as they please, without contributing to wasteful packaging.

16. Lastly, we have another example of wasteful packaging. As you can see, we have a massive Doritos box, containing just 5 mini bags. There was no need for an enlarged box to contain just 5 tiny bags of chips, to be fair.  

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