Internet Goes Crazy About Man Who Looks Like Disney Prince After Losing 70 Lbs While Taking Care Of His Sick Mom

Ah, spring. A time where the winter blues start slowly disappearing, the winter jackets start getting put away and a time where we all start thinking about our summer bods. I mean, it’s definitely easier said than done, but if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

Meet Jeffrey Kendall. He’s proof that working hard on yourself can create an inspiring transformation. This 26-year-old decided to shed the pounds and show his journey on his Instagram account. He did this to help others and inspire those who are feeling stuck.

His journey began when he was back home in Connecticut taking care of his mother, who suffered a brain aneurysm. He told Love What Matters: “She was in a coma and rehab hospitals for 7 months until they deemed she had plateaued and was to be released.”

Jeffrey has always had self-image problems. He told Love What Matters that being overweight since he was young caused him to be bullied. He noted, “I’ve lived my life with body-image and confidence issues.”

His mother’s medical problems didn’t make things easier on him. He wrote for Love What Matters: “I had seen her in the hospitals where she could barely speak, I had seen her in the ICU where she couldn’t. It put a world of self-pity and pain in perspective to me.”

He told the site: “My good friend was also in an emotional time after a breakup and wanted help to get in shape. It was a perfect reason for me to start something new as I felt a new appreciation for life after the summer.”

Jeffrey continued, “We started out small, a light barbell workout and agreed to do push-ups every day. Soon I was waking up and going for walks while listening to uplifting music.” But once Jeffrey started, he kept going and each time had a new fitness objective. He’s proof that once you start, you just can’t stop.  

He told Love What Matters: “I started jogging and doing sprints, pushing myself a little more and more. I sought new ways to work out, I found YouTube channels like ‘Yoga with Adriene’ to help fill those times when I wanted to workout at home.”

In exactly a little over 100 weeks, Jeff had lost 70 pounds. He posted his progress photos on the internet and once people saw this transformation they called him a real-life Disney prince. They even noticed his incredible hair and people were saying he needs to be in shampoo ads.

Jeffrey noted, “I could barely sleep that night, it was amazing. The comments were all so uplifting and inspiring.” You can only imagine how Jeff felt knowing that he was inspiring so many others to get up and be the change that they always wished they were. That was probably a very powerful moment for him.

But Jeffrey told the site that he thinks his main motivation was his mother. He believes that her attitude towards life was the biggest factor that pushed him to make his own life just a little better. He said, “She’s the toughest person I know and gives me a constant appreciation for life”.

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