Kate’s Neat Trick She Uses At Weddings To Avoid Upstaging The Bride

One of the major things Duchess Kate is admired for is her style. She has the ability to wear an outfit one day, and have it sold out of stores the next. Another major thing she’s admired for by fashionistas is her ability to recycle past outfits and still be a style icon. She’s a lot more like us commoners than you might think. After all, she used to be one. Weddings are no joke for the Royals, and Kate always manages to show up to nuptials in style while showing off her thrifty side and never upstaging brides.  

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Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan’s wedding was the event of the year for the royal family. Despite the fact that the world would be watching, Kate had no shame in recycling a jacket she’d worn before. Fans seem to think she may have done this for a specific reason. 

The Alexander McQueen coat she wore to the wedding of the year, she had previously worn to other high profile occasions including the christening of Princess Charlotte and the Trooping of the Colour. Kate’s style is always a topic of discussion for the media. Some suspect she may have consciously decided to wear an old outfit to keep eyes off of her and onto her brother-in-law and now sister-in-law.  

This isn’t the first time we have seen this savvy trick from Kate. In 2011, she and Prince William were newlyweds and she was a media magnet. When the couple attended the wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, she sported a coat she’d worn to another wedding five years earlier. By wearing an outfit everyone had already seen before, she may have purposely deflected the attention away from herself and onto the bride and groom.

At the wedding of William van Cutsem and Rosie Ruck Keene, Kate was pregnant with Prince George. Of course, her baby bump and pregnancy style was sure to be buzzed about. Instead of showing up in anything extravagant, she wore a $50 Topshop dress which she had donned at another event only a month earlier, according to Daily Mail.

This isn’t the first time, and definitely won’t be the last time we see Kate’s thrifty style. Will Meghan take notes on her new sister-in-law’s tricks? It looks like she already has. She’s been seen wearing the same Alexander McQueen blazer to two events as fans of the Royals were quick to point out. She paired it with a green dress for the Invictus games reception and then again with dress pants at the Endeavour Fund Awards. 

Kate’s either the most thoughtful wedding guest of all time, or she’s stuck to her commoner roots. I mean really, is there a point in buying brand new outfits with outrageous price tags to wear for just one event? For most celebrities, there is a point. With cameras flashing every time they step out the door, it’s not very impressive to wear the same pieces twice. However, Kate manages to pull it off time and time again.

What some stars would be judged for, Kate is celebrated for. Fans love the fact that she seems down to earth and just like everyone else, except for the fact she married a prince, of course.

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