8 Disturbing Children’s Drawings That Will Leave You Horrified

Disturbing Children’s Drawings That Will Leave You Horrified

Everyone apparently loved to draw when they were younger. Either that or kids have been forced to draw by parents who for some reason are convinced that it’s what their kids want to do. Regardless of the reason, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t have some Crayola doodle stashed away in their house or their parent’s house somewhere.

Kids are cute, innocent and honest. They will say what they feel without reserve (which often has hilarious outcomes) and they aren’t yet angsty annoying teenagers, which is also a great plus. However, sometimes a child’s honesty can be a bit abrupt at best and at its worst it can be downright creepy. The best part is, that they don’t care at all how you feel about it.

Here is a collection of kids’ drawings that will seriously give you the creeps. We can’t tell whether these kids just have some awesome imaginations, or if we should be worried about what the future has in store if their minds are already this twisted. Maybe they will inspire you to rummage through your old drawings and see whether you were also a weird child.

1. Her best friend is a demon, or a shadow, or a creature from the underworld. In all cases it’s creepy and someone needs to get a hold of this child and ask her why her best friend isn’t human and has creepy globe alien eyes. 

2. For some reason, the fact that this is misspelled doesn’t make it any less creepy. It actually adds to the creepiness, which is weird considering it reminds you it’s written by a child.

3. The kid is a realist and has this great little analogy for you. Note the faces of the people going down the “slide of life.” They start off happy and slowly begin to look more and more terrified. Jeez.

4. This is just terrible and terrifying and makes us wonder about all sorts of things. Hopefully, his parents saw this because regardless of his age, we’d strongly advise against him babysitting his siblings, or anyone else for that matter.

5. This kid is definitely special. He understands that the average life expectancy is less than 100 and he doesn’t take issue with it. In fact, he discusses his death rather a cooly. While others are terrified by the idea of death, this child has no qualms about it.

6. Don’t feel too bad for Valerie, what if she’s a bully? Although either way she doesn’t deserve to be decapitated by what appears to be an axe. Maybe the kid was just upset when he drew it and hopefully they’ve made up since.

7. Apparently Valerie (see above) is not the only get getting decapitated. I’m not sure what is going on with these kids: is decapitation a trend with the younger generation? The smile that’s drawn on this girl’s face would have you think that she’s handing him a toy, not severing his head.

Disturbing Children’s Drawings That Will Leave You HorrifiedMemolition

8. The note reads: “I love you when you die,” which is sweet in a creepy way. It looks like the kid tried writing it out the first time and then made a mistake. Either way, grandma doesn’t look too pleased with this show of love.  

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