7 Things Men Secretly Like But Would Never Say

Many of us don’t realize it, but men have a lot of pressure placed on them by society. There’s a lot required for you to be considered “manly”. Especially when it comes to relationships. They act the way they do because that’s what they believe to be socially acceptable.

For example, being a man, in their eyes, means always making the first move, chasing the girl (not vice versa) and not being extra cheesy. But this is just a front they put up to be considered a man. In reality, this isn’t always the case.

According to Elite Daily and many other publications, there are so many “girly” things that men enjoy that people would just not expect. In addition to that, there are things that men secretly like when they are in a relationship, or when they are into a girl that no one would expect.

Here are a few of those things. Remember, these things are only considered a secret because society makes us believe it makes men less “manly” if they think like this. But in reality…it’s kind of sweet!

1. When they find the right girl, men love romantic and cheesy gestures. But because society gives them the belief that they have to be masculine, they get shy. But not only do they love doing romantic things for their girls, but Verilymag also reveals that they love it when girls do romantic things for them!

2. Guys LOVE watching their girl eat. Glamour posted some things that guys have admitted to secretly loving, one writing “When my wife gets hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, she takes two coffee stirrers and uses them like chopsticks to eat all the cream” (Chris Hermosilla). They love when their partner eats messy or has silly little habits when eating.

3. Men LOVE when women initiate things. I mean, they can’t be the only ones doing all the work, right? According to lovepanky.com, women shouldn’t be worried to show equal interest and initiate a text, or even a hangout. It shows confidence, which men find seriously attractive!

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4. When men offer help, it’s not to make themselves seem superior. In “Inside His Head”, written by Emmanuel Damilola, the author notes that men are actually fully aware that ladies are more than capable of handling themselves. But letting men help out, actually makes them feel wanted and accepted. Sounds needy, but it’s actually really sweet!

5. Asking “can we try something new” when it comes to the bedroom is something that both men and women want but are afraid to say out loud. Men especially are worried that they’ll be judged. Cafe Mom released ways that you can spice up life in the bedroom with your partner, noting that every couple has certain moves on their bucket list and are too worried to suggest them. Do it!

6. According to Womansday.com, society makes us believe that “real men” don’t need to be praised. But in reality, men do love it when there is a bit of well-intentioned objectification. That means squeezing their biceps or complimenting them on their outfit, for example.

7. When women pay the bill. According to an article written by metro.co.uk, there are women who enjoy paying the bill on the first date. Society has given the impression that a man is supposed to pay for the girl’s meal—but it doesn’t have to be this way! The topic is complex depending on who you ask. Some men enjoy paying for women because it makes them feel like they can treat the person they are interested in. Others think that the bill should be split.

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