25 Mysterious Finds People Asked The Internet To Figure Out

When we need answers for something, where is the first place we turn to?

The internet! But when we turn to the internet, specifically Google, and don’t find the answers we’re looking for, we have to turn to asking real people.

But there is some good news here; people on Reddit are incredibly good at identifying mysterious finds that leave people wondering what they actually discovered.

1. User kbcg222 from Reddit explains that their niece found an object in her backyard. After posting it on Reddit, they quickly found out that what they found was cedar-apple rust.

2. The following Reddit user found this object in Sweden. User thor-of-Sweden found a small object what turned out to be a put-on-fingertip which helps people flip through pages easier.

3. Finding things in the dump or on the side of the road can be exciting. This one user (M-clare) found a large metal object which turned out to be a builder’s trestle after they posted it on Reddit.

Reddit | M-clare

4. Sometimes we find objects that we think we can identify, but when we get a second opinion, we find out just how wrong we really are. This one user (merever14) thought this was a nutcracker, but when they posted it on Reddit, they found out it was a champagne cork holder.

5. Sometimes the best things are found at a yard sale. Reddit user AxelTheFajita found an odd looking kitchen utensil at a yard sale. He posted it on Reddit and found out that it was a strainer for a frying pan.

6. The U.S. military has some crazy equipment. So crazy that if you saw it on the street, you would be as puzzled as the next individual. Reddit user Koreyrobin saw a convoy that was carrying military plates. So they took to Reddit to find an answer and it turns out those military plates were Tropospheric antennas.

Reddit | Koreyrobin

7. If you find yourself walking on the beach on the Southeastern seaboard, you’re bound to find things that are not familiar to you. This one Reddit user (CovertTiger) found something interesting that turned out to be a horse conch.

8. There are so many different types of clothing styles in this world. It’s only normal to question certain fashions, especially when they’re a gift to you. Reddit user Work-Safe-Reddit4450 received a gift from his grandmother which turned out to be an outfit he had never seen before. After taking to Reddit, he found out it was Chinese pajamas.

Reddit | Work-Safe-Reddit4450

9. Different countries have a way of illustrating their prices for certain things. Reddit user Josh512 wanted to know what the following numbers on a sign meant. Turns out the small 9 in the photo was just part of the price $2.75.9.

10. Reddit user (goforajog) found a creature that they could not identify. The unsettling part about this is that this individual took an extremely high risk by picking it up. Turns out that this creature is a Portuguese man-of-war, which is a highly venomous creature.

Reddit | goforajog

11. If you’re taking a hike, sometimes you’re bound to find some weird things. This Reddit user ended up finding a weird gooey fungus. Turns out it was slime mold after they posted it on Reddit. (bradbrok)

12. This Reddit user (goebrak) posted a picture on Reddit and explained that his friend gave him this object. Turns out it is a Molinillo, which is a Mexican baking tool mainly used for making chocolate.

Reddit | goebrak

13. You can find some amazing things in the water. This Reddit user (Lostndamaged) was kayaking around Catalina Island when they thought they saw a water bottle. But when it was picked out of the water, it was definitely not a water bottle. Turns out it was a Salp.

Reddit | Lostndamaged

14. In the Medieval times, a toilet was just a hole that you would release your bowel movements in. Obviously, the toilet is more advanced now, and sometimes a little too advanced for some people. This one Reddit user (spider-nine) took to Reddit to find out what type of toilet they had seen. Turns out it was called a detox toilet.

Reddit | spider-nine

15. If you are into cutting lots of paper, then you may know what these are. However, if you don’t, they are rolling scissors. (elemcee)

16. One Reddit user caught a good picture of the wing on a plane they were riding. The small stick-like devices that are on the wing are called static wings. (Steve_the_Stevedore)

Reddit | Steve_the_Stevedore

17. If you are into antique things, then you might like this. Reddit user ‘commoncoitsy’ posted this picture on Reddit and found out that it was an egret and it is a Murano glass.

18. This one Reddit user (mynameisdatruth) took a picture of this object that looks like a heat gun. It was being sold for $300, and turns out that it was so expensive because it was actually used for infrared sterilization for needles and loops.

19. This Reddit user (AnimatedWyrm) found what looked to be a fruit. But this was filled with air and felt like a balloon. After posting it on Reddit, they found out that it is an oak apple gall. It is formed when wasps lay eggs in an oak tree’s bark.

20. Back in the day, before there was cable, you had to plug your television antenna into this type of outlet. (Dresden89)

Reddit | Dresden89

21. Reddit user ‘camerakid1’ posted this picture on Reddit. This wooden figure was in their uncle’s house which they moved in to. Turns out the statue is of John Chapman, or as others know him as, Johnny Appleseed.

22. When I saw this device, all I could think of is how much I wouldn’t want my finger stuck in it. Turns out this device is a watch link remover. (WoodburyTV)

Reddit | WoodburyTV

23. The following Reddit user (squishy-fis) saw this little fella running around Disney World. They thought it might be a rabbit but it also looked like a rodent. Reddit confirmed that it was a marsh rabbit.

24. At first glance, you’d think that this is some sort of easel. You would be wrong if you thought it was an easel. It actually is a roofing jack to make the slope of a roof. (LindsE8)

25. Reddit user ‘Goat_Legged_Fellow’ posted on Reddit that someone hit their car and left an object stuck in the frame of their car. They wanted to know what type of car it was based on the object that was left in the frame. The answer was a 2007–09 Nissan Sentra.

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