16 Regrettable Tattoos to Make You Rethink Your Own Ink

So you’re considering getting a tattoo, are you? Maybe you think that you’d like to emblazon yourself with something meaningful: the name of a loved one, or maybe some song lyrics. Here’s one piece of advice if you’re dead set on getting inked: it’s very easy to be tricked by terrible tattoo ideas. Sure, maybe something looks good on paper, but every regrettable tattoo starts as a bad idea.

Bad tattoos are not only regrettable, they’re inescapable. Well, unless you have the money and pain tolerance for tattoo removal. Getting some awful ink is just too much hassle, though. A lot of people have probably had terrible tattoo ideas, and the only reason they’re not living a life of regret is that they never followed through with it.

However, there are people in this world walking around with bad tattoos everywhere. Maybe they thought their terrible tattoo ideas would turn out better on their skin, or maybe they thought if they got some really awful ink, they could just cover it up with clothes or makeup. Either way, terrible tattoo ideas are everywhere, and the people who are stuck with them will hopefully learn to begrudgingly love their bad tattoos some day.

1. Hey wait a minute, this is supposed to be a list of terrible tattoo ideas, not totally rad ones! Admittedly, the Yodelling Wal-Mart Boy was fun for a while, but his Coachella performance made him way too mainstream.

2. Sometimes a regrettable tattoo isn’t the result of a bad idea, but rather a bad tattoo artist. This unorganized mass of colors is apparently supposed to be a galaxy.

3. A short lesson in getting a tattoo: if you ask the artist for a pin-up girl and he hesitates for any amount of time before saying “I think I can do that,” run far away.

4. Getting a regrettable tattoo is bad enough, but if it comes out bad, you should really just own it. It’s so much worse trying to justify a misspelled tattoo.

5. What’s worse than one misspelled tattoo? How about two of them with the same spelling errors? Do you think one of them went first and the other had to get the same mistake so neither of them looked worse than the other?

6. Face tattoos are always a bad idea. Even tattoo parlors are probably hesitant to hire people who have them. After all, they’re trying to project an air of trustworthiness.

7. Some tattoos aren’t about the art. Some are just about expressing your innermost feelings to the rest of the world. For instance, your love of Star Wars (no indication if that includes the prequels though).

8. Portrait tattoos are tricky, and if you want to get one, you better be checking your artist’s portfolio and at least three references, lest you end up with a Johnny Cash impersonator as opposed to the real thing.

9. This person may want to rethink even getting this tattoo finished. In fact, maybe they could get it altered to be a giant black rectangle blocking out that whole mess.

10. This tattoo shop gets an A for effort. At least they’re trying to capitalize on the superhero craze. However, they could have avoided mixing DC and Marvel properties.

11. As far as bad tattoos go, this one has to be one of the worst. For one thing, it is promoting a terrible conspiracy theory, and for another, it looks like absolute garbage. This definitely isn’t changing any minds.

12. Put aside the fact this tattoo does not look good and ask yourself this: why would anyone want to get the Jared Leto Joker tattooed on themselves? Go for Heath Ledger, or at the very least Jack Nicholson.

13. This tattoo depicts the struggle between good and evil. It shows that we have angels and demons inside of us. It also depicts an angel wearing cut off denim shorts. So there’s that.

14. To be fair, money is only rule number three, so throwing away some hard earned cash on this regrettable tattoo isn’t that big of a deal, right?

15. Alright now, before we all start laughing at how wrong this looks, let’s all consider the possibility that this person went to journalism school and they just really like “news.”

16. This tattoo depicts a fantasy land, the kind of place where it actually looks good. Hopefully, these have been a lesson in finding reputable artists and paying for quality.

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