More People Are Stating That Their NutriBullets Exploded And Caused Them Serious Harm

Nutribullet has once again come under fire. The company is being sued by 22 people that are claiming the blender has caused serious injuries, ranging from blade cuts to severe burns. The pressure from the inside of the blender allegedly causes the machine to explode, putting its user in serious danger.  

One of the blender users suing the company is a man named Brendan Cosso. He explained, in an interview with Fox News, that he has been a user of the appliance for years. Cosso claims that while he was making a drink this September, the blender exploded and cut his hand so deeply that he was forced to get stitches.  

Another owner of the appliance, Sheryl Utah, is claiming the explosion of the appliance gave her second-degree burns when the hot contents of the blender landed on her face and chest. Rosa Rivera suffered a similar injury to her face and urges people to refrain from using the product.

Nuribullet’s corporate attorney, Mark Suzumoto, stated that it is not possible for the blender to explode if it is used to blend contents that are cool or at room temperate for 15 to 20 seconds. This is recommended in the product manual.

The Nurtibullet product manual also warns that blending for longer than the recommended time can be dangerous. It states that “Friction from the rotating blade can cause ingredients to heat and generate internal pressure in the sealed vessel. Do not continuously operate for more than one minute. If the vessel is warm to the touch, allow it to cool before carefully opening pointed away from your body. Never permit any blended mixture to sit inside a sealed vessel without first releasing internal pressure.”

In response to the lawsuits, Betty Gold, a Senior Product Analyst, has claimed that the heating of the blender is a common feature of new, top-of-the-line blenders. She suggests that anyone concerned about this should use an immersion blender instead.

A spokesperson for NutriBullet also released a statement in response to the claims, explaining the company’s belief in the importance of customer safety. She explained that the product has been used for years without any safety complaints, but agreed to investigate all of the claims being made.

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