Child Actor, Known For Role In ‘Stranger Things,’ Fires Agent After Sexual Assault Allegations

Harvey Weinstein going from a powerful movie mogul to a shunned abuser has encouraged many victims of other powerful abusers to come forward and tell their stories. Not to mention the #MeToo campaign has also had a powerful impact.

The latest ‘me too’ story came from a young man who described a talent agent who drugged and sexually assaulted him. Not naming names, the man said that he was just ten years old. But as soon as some saw the story, they were able to put the pieces together.

People formed a quiet circle of support and it wasn’t long until the original abuser actually decided to use the ‘poke’ function on Facebook in a very creepy way. The young man responded to this poke by being incredibly creeped out.

He wrote, “We haven’t had any correspondence in a decade, and aren’t friends on FB, yet today, out of the blue, he “pokes” me. He must have been made aware of the post by one of our many mutuals.”

He continued, “Was his poke passive-aggressive? An abuser making himself known, a quiet threat? An admission of guilt with a smirky, ‘just try me? I don’t know and I don’t care. It felts gross.”

Role In 'Stranger Things,' Fires Agent After Sexual Assault

Eventually, this young man decided to go public. The agent’s name was Tyler Grasham and according to reports, he worked for APA Agency. The agency is still representing child actors.

This all happened last Monday. But Friday, however, two of Grasham’s clients, Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard and Descendents star Cameron Boyce, both dropped him as their representation.

By the end of the day Friday, Grasham was fired by the agency. Finn’s actions actually received a ton of praise for his quick actions of dropping his agent.

E! News tweeted out “Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard has left his talent agency after his agent was accused of sexual assault.” As soon as they did, everyone had nothing but positive messages for him.

One person wrote, “Smart kid, made the right choice. A small step towards progress.” Rachel Leishman tweeted “Honestly @FinnSkata gives me hope for the future generations.”

Others wrote “2017. When America’s moral compass is a 14-year-old. This has made me teary. The industry is changing. He is 14. <3” Good work Finn!

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