Jennifer Lopez Reveals The One Text Message From Alex Rodriguez That Seduced Her

In March 2017, People reported that Jennifer Lopez and retired MLB star Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez had been dating for several weeks. Then, just a few weeks later, Alex appeared on the show The View and confirmed the couple’s status. Later, in May, the power couple made their first public appearance at the 2017 Met Gala. Now, JLo is revealing how A-Rod seduced her with just one text message.

Jennifer Lopez Reveals The One Text Message From Alex Rodriguez

In an interview on The Ellen Show, Jennifer told Ellen Degeneres that she met Alex at a restaurant during lunch and she was just overcome with the inclination to tap him on the shoulder and introduce herself. As Ellen pressed for more details, J Lo revealed that the pair later shared a meal and ‘had a nice dinner.’

During an interview with Vanity Fair, the couple revealed the origin story of their relationship. In the interview, Alex revealed that the couple’s first date was at the Bel-Air hotel in Los Angeles and Alex himself was unsure whether or not he was on a date with J Lo. When J Lo later mentioned that she was single, Alex couldn’t help but be overcome with joy.

In that interview, the baseball star said: ‘She told me around the third or fourth inning that she was single. I had to get up and go re-adjust my thoughts. I went to the bathroom and got enough courage to send her a text.’

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The text, which was later revealed by the couple, was composed of four simple words. It read: ‘you look sexy AF,’ and apparently honesty is a virtue since those four simple words helped Alex get in a relationship with the Grammy-nominated singer.

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The couple has since blended their families together as they were all seen courtside at a Lakers game in January. J Lo’s 9-year-old twins, as well as Alex’s two daughters, were all photographed courtside at the Lakers and Hornets game. Alex later posted the cute family picture on Instagram with the caption: ‘Friday night, family night.’ Then earlier this year, the couple went to Puerto Rico to announce the launch of their Puerto Rico Federally Qualified Health Centers Disaster Recovery Fund which is a fund that helps health centers that provide healthcare to local underserved communities.

In the interview with Vanity Fair, Alex said: ‘we are very much twins. We’re both Leos; we’re both from New York; we’re both Latino and about 20 other things.’ And J Lo seems to agree with that notion since she said: ‘I understand him in a way that I don’t think anyone else could, and he understands me in a way that no one else could ever. In his 20s, he came into big success with the biggest baseball contract [at the time]. I had a No. 1 movie and a No. 1 album and made history. We both had ups and downs and challenges in our 30s, and by our 40s we’d both been through so much. And more importantly than anything, we had both done a lot of work on ourselves.’

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