The Oldest Person In The World Reveals What She Ate On A Daily Basis

Ever wondered how old the oldest person in the world is? Ever wondered what they eat on a regular basis? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Emma Martina Luigia Morano was born on November 29th, 1899 in Civiasco, Vercelli, Piedmont, Italy. She passed away on April 15, 2017, at 117 years old!

She was the oldest of eight kids and moved a lot around with her family. But when Morano was old enough, she left the area where her family lived under a doctor’s recommendation. Apparently, the area where her family was located was unhealthy due to the weather.

Morano’s life was far from easy. Despite having a steady job, she lost her first true love to the war when she was just 26-years-old. She then married Giovanni Martinuzzi and the two had a son born in 1937. Sadly, she not only lost her son at only 6 months old, but she had to leave an abusive relationship with Martinuzzi.

Guinness World Records recognized Morano as the oldest living person. At 117, Morano passed away sitting at home in her armchair on the shores of Lake Maggiore. But before she passed away, she shared what she believed to be the secret to her long life.

Morano stated that it was her diet that kept her going for as long as she did. Specifically eggs. She noted that she ate 3 eggs every day, 2 of which were raw for over 90 years of her life.

Eggs are a great source of vitamins, and cholesterol and have a source of high-quality protein without breaking the bank. They have a whole list of health benefits that nutritionists, dieticians, and experts in the healthcare field recommend.

They help people in various ways when it comes to health. That includes helping with building a strong immune system, providing strong muscles, and helping in brain health and weight loss. The great thing about them is that you can make various dishes with them, you don’t just have to eat them plain. But the simpler you keep it, the better.

Morano must have been really strong because eggs are a great way to build and maintain muscles. As mentioned before, they are extremely high in protein. Lots of people who train hard at the gym eat a ton of eggs, usually just egg whites. This woman knows what she’s talking about.

Eggs also have a ton of vitamin A, and vitamin B-12 and generally help boost your immune system. Let’s face it, the less sick you are, the more happy and healthy you feel. In Morano’s case, the longer her life was.

This woman also happened to be pretty quick and smart, even at the age of 117. Makes sense! Eggs promote healthy brain cells and improve the function of the nervous system. Eggs also are a great weight loss solution. By eating them, you feel fuller longer and it reduces your overall calorie intake. That explains why Morano was so lean for most of her life!

You probably couldn’t believe that eggs are the secret weapon that kept Morano alive and healthy for as long as it did. But after reading all the benefits that eggs provide, it makes it a little more believable. Hopefully, now we can all add a little bit more eggs into our diet….it sure helped Morano!

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