Pig Farmer Murdered 49 Women, Minced Their Bodies, And Gifted It To Friends, Family And Even Local Police

Pig Farmer Murdered 49 WomenWindsor Star

Robert Pickton is known as the Pig Farmer Killer of Canada and was found bragging to his cellmate in 2002, confessing to killing 49 women. You can imagine how annoyed he was with himself for being caught. On the surveillance, Pickton is seen eating as he tells his cellmate about how sloppy he got. 

In the video, Pickton kept turning to his cellmate, saying “Doesn’t that just kick you now? I wanted one more to make the big 5-0.” But what Pickton failed to realize was that the man that he was confessing to was actually an undercover officer from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

He didn’t know that everything he was saying would be used as evidence in order to put him in jail for life. Robert Pickton had killed 49 women and had a completely disturbing way of disposing of their bodies. One way was feeding them to his pigs that he kept on the farm. He would also grind up the human meat with pork meat and sell it to meat processing businesses.

On top of all these disturbing things that he did, Pickton would also give the mixed meat to family members, friends and even some to local police. No one suspected a thing. Robert had a way of convincing women to come back with him.

They were women from Vancouver’s Red Light district and they were kept in his home, tortured before he finally murdered them. Once murdered, Pickton placed the bodies through an industrial meat grinder and fed them to his pigs.

Eventually, police finally caught Pickton and reached his farm. According to reports, the pigs didn’t leave any remains of the victims behind. The only reason Pickton was caught was that the police found an asthma inhaler that belonged to one of his victims.

But Pickton refused to speak to the police. They kept him in prison and decided to send one of their own undercover as the serial killer’s cellmate. The two chatted for quite some time and eventually, the Pig Farmer Killer started bragging to his cellmate about the crimes that he did.

There were always rumours around Pickton’s pig farm but the police never took it seriously. They just called it drunken gossip because people would always buy meat from Pickton. The actual story was that Pickton was a wealthy farmer who had a specific taste in certain kinds of women. He would only go for prostitutes and the drug addicts from the Red Light district.

In 1997, one of Pickton’s victims was able to escape his home, after she stabbed Pickton with his own knife. The woman was severely wounded and went to the police, but they didn’t take her seriously and noted that she was an unreliable witness. They did not prosecute the pig farmer.

Pickton’s clothes and his rubber boots were held in a storage locker that police had left. In 2004, a lab test of the evidence showed that the items were actually from 1997 and had the DNA of two missing women. His arrest came as a shock to just about everyone. No one thought anything unusual about Pickton, except that he was a bit anti-social.

Absolutely no one thought that they were living right next door to one of the deadliest serial killers in history.  Wensley Clarkson, a crime author, noted in a new documentary that is based on Pickton: “Robert Pickton was a serial killer who made the Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like an attraction at Disneyland.” It’s still not known exactly how many women he murdered.

Pig Farmer Murdered 49 WomenWindsor Star

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