Translating The ‘Despacito’ Lyrics Into English Gives You Some Awkward Results

The 'Despacito' Lyrics Into English Gives You Some Awkward ResultsGenius

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this summer, you’ve probably heard Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s latest hit Despacito. Even before they got Justin Bieber on the track, the song was already being streamed over a billion times. But with his addition, it’s now become the most streamed song of all time with 4.6 billion streams worldwide.

The song is a reggaeton-pop track composed with lyrics about having an intimate relationship but performed in a smooth and romantic way. The song has topped the charts of 45 countries and reached the top 10 of 9 others and it’s Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s most successful single.

Despite hearing it everywhere, most people haven’t bothered to look up what the lyrics mean. But some media sites are calling attention to the translated lyrics. One complaint about the lyrics has actually led to Malaysia banning the song as the government called the lyrics “obscene.” So, what do the words actually mean? Well, here are some snippets of the translated lyrics.

Yes, you know that I’ve been looking at you for a long time / I must dance with you today / I saw that the look in your eyes was calling me / Show me the path that I will take.

Slowly / I want to breathe in your neck slowly / Let me murmur things in your ear / So that you remember if you’re not with me.

I want to undress you in kisses slowly / Firmly in the walls of your labyrinth / And of your body, I want to create a manuscript.

Let me trespass your danger zones / Until I make you scream / and you forget your name.

If I ask for a kiss come to give it to me / I know that you’re thinking about it / I’ve been trying to do it for a while

Come try my mouth and see if you like its taste / I want to see how much love fits in you / I’m not in a rush I want to experience this trip

I want to see your hair dance / I want to be your rhythm / Want to show you my mouth / Your favourite places

So, there you have it. There are some of the ‘creepy’, and ‘raunchy’ Despacito lyrics translated. Generally, if you’re a fan of reggae or soca, these lyrics probably won’t phase you much. I know they certainly didn’t phase me.  Still, it’s a bit tame for reggaeton and there are a lot of cheesy metaphors used but hey, some people are a bit more modest and want to know what exactly they’re singing, so now you know!

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