Close Friends Who Fell Out Because Of Wedding Invitation Are Shocked When It Arrives In The Mail Four Years Later

It’s always an honour to receive a wedding invitation and know that a couple wants you to celebrate their big day with them. However, not making the guest list can feel like a real blow when you thought you would be. Two close friends had a falling out after a wedding invitation never made it to the recipient, but were shocked to realize that the mail courier was to blame once it was finally delivered four years later.

Close Friends Who Fell Out Because Of Wedding Invitationthe sun

36-year-old bride-to-be Donna Sidebotham was heartbroken when her good friend Chris Kimber never RSVP’d to her wedding invitation. However, Kimber never actually received an invite and thought he had just been forgotten despite attending the engagement party.

The two had been friends for five years, being part of the same gymnastics club, but the lack of invitation put an immediate wedge in their relationship.

“I had put my return to sender on the back in case any letters go lost, so assumed if there were any problems it would come back to me,” Sidebotham told The Sun. “But after a few weeks and no response from Chris I assumed that he couldn’t make it.” Donna posted online that the invitations had been sent out, which prompted Chris to think that he just wasn’t invited.

Close Friends Who Fell Out Because Of Wedding Invitationthe sun

Although Chris was admittedly baffled to not receive an invitation to his close friend’s wedding, he never made the effort to ask about it considering how awkward it would be if not inviting him was intentional. The wedding went on without Chris in attendance on Monkey Island in Bray, Berkshire, and in the following years, the friends continued to grow apart.

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“There was one occasion when we met up and he told me that he never received an invite—and I told him, of course, I did invite him but I don’t think either of us really believed the other’s story,” Sidebotham said. It wasn’t until four years later that Chris received the lost invitation in the mail and was quick to send Donna a picture, writing, “Oh my god you did send an invite to me!”

The two ex-pals have no idea how the mishap happened and the courier, Royal Mail, is working to investigate the matter, but now that there is someone to blame, the two are ready to rekindle their friendship. Mail couriers are no strangers to losing the occasional letter, but unintentionally destroying a five-year friendship is a new one.

Close Friends Who Fell Out Because Of Wedding Invitationthe sun

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