8 Creative Leaning Tower Of Pisa Photo Tricks

8 Creative Leaning Tower Of Pisa Photo Tricks

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in Pisa, Italy and received its name because of its famous tilt. The origin of the tilt was due to an inadequate foundation that was softer at one side and harder on the other. The tilt continued on throughout its conception but was slightly corrected when it was finally stabilized.

Tourists all over the world love posing with the tower in a wide array of pictures and poses.

However, with the abundance of pictures that showcase some of the Leaning Tower fails, here are some creative ones that turned out great!

Most people prefer to squish the tower in their fingers or even stand on top of it but this one lady decided to switch it up with an ice cream cone! Creative indeed!

How did the photographer time this so perfectly? I mean what was the method to get the dog to stand on their hind legs like that?

This must have taken a while. The fact that he can do a handstand is amazing enough but to have such accuracy and strength to hold up a building? Now that’s heroic.

For whatever reason, the guy in the blue shirt seems to want to smuggle the Tower of Pisa home. And his friend in white clearly wants to help him.

When you’ve been watching Bruce Lee videos for 2 days non-stop and have finally mastered his art and skill so you decide to use it for good to fix the tilt of the Tower.

This is Tower-ception. He is placing a man who has the tower between his hands, inside of his hands. Whoa…deep!

It was just a matter of time before someone used a ‘creative’ angle such as this one. However, one has to wonder: where did the tilt go?

So maybe the origin of the Tower was a little distorted. The tilt is actually caused by a group of cheerleaders who decided to give the Tower a slight nudge.

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