6 Weird Products Women Actually Spend Money On

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there might be some things that everyone finds attractive. Whether it be the genuine smile of an infant or the wagging tail of a puppy, these are things that almost everyone finds cute and adorable.

But in a day and age where almost everyone is judged firstly (if not, solely) on appearances, here are some wild things that women (and some men) might actually spend money on!

Whether it be Boob Glue, Ta-Ta towels or Go-Girls, here are some weird, wacky but very useful inventions that women (and men) buy.

1. Kissing Practice Pillow. For a small fee of forty dollars, you can acquire your own makeout practice pillow! With a creepy plastic mouth along with a sharp nose sewn onto a pillow, who wouldn’t want to pucker lips with this makeout practice pillow? According to Oddity Mall, this item comes in at 40 dollars and was created by a Florida based designer named Emily Grace King for those who just need a little extra practice.

2. Boob Glue. A product that is offered by Bosom Couture known as ‘Boob Glue’ is meant to ‘keep breasts lifted up and positioned perfectly in place in clothing.’ A 36 ounce bottle comes in at just under forty dollars and it is a ‘gentle, roll-on, skin adhesive’ that keeps the breasts up and together.

On the Bosom Couture website, it is described as ‘Bosom Couture Boob Glue® (always refer to product with brand and not just, Boob Glue®) Keeps the “girls” exactly where you want them in fashion and gives women a whole new wardrobe of options. Works amazing on tucking away underarm side bulge also keeps straps up, off the shoulder tops in place, keeps strapless bras from slipping, etc.’

3. Tat-Ta Towels. Erin Robertson is the creator and founder of Ta-Ta towels which is a patented reversible towel that is meant to stop ‘boob sweat.’ Erin explained on her website how she came up with the idea of the Ta-Ta towel.

On her website, she said: ‘I made a pattern by taping four pieces of printer paper together. I borrowed a (brand new) sewing machine from my best friend and enrolled myself at the University of YouTube, where I taught myself how to sew. After I tore up every last towel in my apartment, I finally had my prototype.’ Erin explains how the Ta-Ta towel is not just for at-home use but it can be employed by working mothers, pregnant women or active women always on the go. Ranging from 40 dollars and up, these Ta-Ta towels come in varying sizes and colors.

4. Go-Girl. Go-Girl is a type of female urination device that was first introduced in 2009. It was first created and launched at the Minnesota State Fair in 2009 for a disabled family member to ‘go’ to the bathroom by herself after surgery. On the Go-Girl website, they state they have sold more than 5 million Go-Girls and have been sold in over 50 countries. The Go-Girl also allows women to pee while standing up whether they be in unsanitary conditions where sitting down is not possible or in a dress or fashion choice that makes sitting down difficult.

5. The Boyfriend Pillow. Available for both males and females, it is designed to help those lonesome sleepers feel like they are being cuddled and snuggled. On the Boyfriend Pillow website, which originates in Australia, it is described as ‘ideal for helping you sleep, making you feel comfortable.’ The Boyfriend Pillow costs fifty dollars and it is made with cotton and fabric and with the solid pecs and biceps to sleep on, who wouldn’t feel safe and secure in those arms?

6. Foot Undies. Foot undies were originally designed for dancers and ballerinas so that their feet wouldn’t get chaffed and calloused all the time. But with social media so prevalent these days, people who weren’t dancers quickly got a hold of these foot undies and began wearing them just for fun. On Dance Wear Solutions.com they are described as being made of a “four-way stretch, breathable nylon/Lycra® Powernet upper [that] provides breathable comfort.”

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