Cara Delevingne Shares The Graphic Details Of What Happened In Harvey Weinstein’s Room

In the wake of the New York Times article that published a story about Harvey Weinstein settling with 8 women out of court for sexual assault, many Hollywood celebrities have spoken out against the Hollywood mogul, recounting their own interactions with him. One of these celebrities was Cara Delevingne, who posted a lengthy story to her Instagram account, recalling an incident in great detail about an interaction she had with Harvey Weinstein in his hotel room.

Cara Delevingne Shares The Graphic Details Instagram | caradelevingne

Delevingne recounted her phone call with the man, reporting on Harvey’s alleged strange conversation with her, then later goes on to discuss her meeting with the producer. Delevingne’s social media response gained a great deal of attention. A lot of celebrities have spoken out against Weinstein, whose allegations of sexual assault now span several decades.

Just when Delevingne thought she was safe, in her own words, Harvey allegedly pushed on with his strange request. Delevingne recounts how he requested her presence in his hotel room, and even asked her to kiss another actress in the room. Cara explains that she used a talent of hers to keep her away from the other woman’s advances in the hotel room.

She began to sing and treated the bizarre experience as an audition. When she finished her performance, she explained to the producer that she had to leave, where he followed her to the door and allegedly tried to kiss her on the lips. Delevingne continues her story on her Instagram account:

In a second Instagram post, Cara Delevingne speaks out about her desire to inspire women everywhere with her story and hopes that this is just the beginning of the truth coming forward for women working in Hollywood. She urges everyone who comes to the defence of these men to come forward and talk with them, otherwise, they are “part of the problem” according to Cara.

Allegations against Harvey Weinstein continue to surface, from actresses like Cara Delevingne to Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many others.

The photo Delevingne shared along with the long story of her interaction with Harvey Weinstein is a quote about not feeling shame to share your personal story, in hopes that it will inspire others to share their stories as well.   

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