The Awkward Moment Cheaters Get Busted Via Text


When cheaters get busted, it is both a satisfying and unsatisfying feeling. The unfortunate part about infidelity is that there is always someone who is on the other side of it that gets their heart broken. The fortunate part is that the person who has committed this immoral act is exposed as the coward they really are.

It takes a dishonest and selfish individual to cheat in a relationship, especially if they claim to “love” their partner. In some cases, the cheater does not have the courage to break up with their partner, so they feel it is easier to go behind their back and try to push them away by spending less time with them and more time with their mistress. In the end, there is no happy ending, just chaos, tears, and heartbreak.

In certain situations though, one cannot help but laugh when cheaters get busted. This is especially true when it comes via text message. Thanks to The Sun, you’ll be able to see that when cheaters get busted through text messages, it can range from mild to cringe-worthy.

The “My Bad” Text: If you are incredibly insecure, all it takes is one misunderstanding through text message to trigger your insecurity. This is very common, especially through text message because some people are not the greatest at articulating their messages. The good news is that it can lead to cheaters coming clean at the wrong time!

when cheaters get busted

You’re Going to Be A Father: If you’re a woman and juggling two guys (you shouldn’t be in the first place), you might want to make sure you’re texting the right person when you’re breaking the news that you’re pregnant. There is nothing worse than finding out your wife is cheating on you, except if the person she is cheating with got her pregnant.

when cheaters get busted

The Trap: This is another case of not paying attention when texting. As kids, how many times did we think we were texting our parents but ended up sending the message to someone else? In most cases, it was a harmless text, but if you’re cheating, the text is not only embarrassing but devastating to the relationship.

Not My Xbox: When cheaters get busted, sometimes they have to forfeit more than just the relationship. So when you’re asked what you want for your birthday or for Christmas, be very careful because it could be something that will be taken from you if you break your partner’s heart. Depending on what is being taken away, you might prefer a broken bone!

Oh Brother: The best way to catch a cheater is to try and trigger their insecurity. One of the best ways to do this is to admit that you cheated, but do not tell them what you cheated on. The example below is perfect, the person never tells his girlfriend what he cheated on, just lets her use her imagination. Turns out it worked perfectly, regardless if he was trying to get her to confess or not.

The Mistress Breakup: If your conscience has finally gotten the better of you and you’ve decided to end things with the mistress, I would recommend telling your partner. However, if you’re too scared of what their reaction will be, at least text the right person when you’re going to break up with them.

Who’s This: When you’re in a hurry, sometimes you forget who the last person you sent a text message to was. So when you go to send a text, it’s obviously not to the right person. This can be damaging, especially if you just lied to this person and now they’re getting a text message that was meant for your mistress.

The Ex’s Best Friend: If you’ve just broken up with your partner, moving on to their best friend is rarely a good idea. But if you’re successful at it, it’s probably not a good idea to try and also get with your ex. But if you find the courage to try this, just be sure to know that they’re best friends for a reason and will always tell each other everything. In this case, it includes you being a coward and a cheater.

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