Someone Just Pointed Out How Messed Up New Orleans Map Is And Now We Can’t Unsee It

New Orleans, also known as the “Big Easy,” has become the victim of a practical joke done by James L. Sutter, a 34-year-old game designer and author. About a week ago, Sutter, who is best known for co-creating the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, an expansion to Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition, took to twitter to share his opinions on the New Orleans map.

One of the things that Sutter pointed out was that on the map, Lake Borgne appears to be a lake. But in actuality, it doesn’t appear to be a lake at all, according to 1st Breaking News.

Sutter also took a shot at one part of the map that the canal was in. His twitter post stated that it looked like an eraser tool slipped and the person didn’t notice until it was time to color in the map and the person didn’t go back and fix it.

Boredpanda reports that Sutter also took a shot at the bridge built on Lake Pontchartrain. Sutter explains that building a bridge takes a great deal of time, which is why most bridges are built at the narrowest point. But according to Sutter, the bridge expands 24 miles, but there were two other locations it could have been built.

According to 1st Breaking News, Sutter also had some comments about the texture of the swamps in Louisiana. He points out that there was no cartographer that would work on replacing it at all. He adds that the swamp texture looks good, but when they redo the map, no one will take the time to do that kind of texture.

Sutter adds that he could have continued to critique the map, and although the map is a very intriguing design, he just doesn’t believe any of it when he looks at it. I’m no expert on maps, but I do agree with him when he critiqued the location of the bridge on Lake Pontchartrain. Why would you add more work to a bridge when you had two other viable and smaller locations to put it?

Sutter concluded his little critique by thanking people from the south who had to convince him that New Orleans actually existed. He also added that New Orleans should clean up their map and resubmit it when it follows the guidelines of a real city.

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