They Photographed Hundreds Of The Most Beautiful Chickens, And Just Look At Them

You might not think that chickens could be beautiful. Most of the time, they’re just brown or white hens pecking around the farm. However, photographers Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini have managed to capture some of the most beautiful chickens in the world in a series of photographs known as Chicken.

These photogenic fowl come from all over the world, and they show that there is just as much diversity in chickens as there is in any other type of bird. Some of them are colourful, some of them have long legs, and others are just plain fascinating in how they look.

These are just 16 of the most beautiful chickens that were captured in the photographic project, but all of the pictures are available on Instagram under the name Chic! ken. You might have never thought that hens or roosters could model, but some of these beautiful chickens show that even farm birds can work the camera.

1. This is Agnes, and she is fluffy. Agnes is a silkie, a chicken that is renowned for its soft feathers, which have been compared to satin and yes, silk.

2. This handsome fellow has an impressive red crown and flowing tail feathers that almost look like a regal cape. This photogenic fowl really knows how to flaunt it!

3. These modern gamefowls have legs, and they know how to use them! Despite the name, these birds were never bred as gamecocks for fighting.

4. This bird has great hair. Sylvia is a black Polish chicken, which is known for its beautiful crests. They are also mysterious, as their origins are unknown.

5. This rooster is perfect. If someone were to paint a picture of a rooster, then that picture somehow came to life, this is what it would look like.

6. Okay, most of these are beautiful chickens, but this rooster is an absolute beast! Look at those drumsticks! Someone didn’t skip leg day.

7. This beautiful chicken looks like she’s wearing a winter coat, but that’s just a thick plumage of luxurious feathers. She’s also content to hide her face from the camera.

8. This photography project shows more than anything that chickens can have some beautiful designs in their feathers, such as this stunning specimen named Amelia.

9. This is a Sumatra chicken, a breed that was originally used for cockfighting but eventually became used for exhibition. The tail feathers and colour make it look more like a peacock!

10 This shaggy guy is a Japanese bantam chicken, also known as a chatbot. His sparse feathers may not be much, but his bright red comb is really something to behold.

11. This serious-looking bird looks like she wants to fight. Hopefully, she’s peaceful, because going up against this toughie might be a bit intimidating.

12. This gorgeous rooster is a great example of contrast. The stark black and white feathers make the bright red comb stand out even more.

13. Now, this is one fluffy chicken! This girl is decked out in stylish white feathers that never seem to end. She’d be right at home on a red carpet!

14. This girl’s name is Joanna. Her distinct brown and white colouring almost makes it look like she’s wearing an aviator’s jacket, which would be kind of ironic for a chicken.

15. This slender modern game rooster named Jacob clearly has aspirations of being a model. He’s already mastered his pose for the catwalk!

16. This funny-looking girl is named Martha. Her breed is appropriately known as a frizzle bantam. Don’t worry, Martha, the casual messy look is in now!

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