Ivanka Trump Visits School And Angry Parents Rush To Pull Their Kids Out Of Class In Blue State Connecticut

Ivanka Trump caused waves when she made a surprise appearance at a high school in Norwalk, Connecticut. After parents heard the news that the daughter of President Donald Trump had shown up at their children’s high school, many parents decided to pull their kids out of class.

Ivanka, who also serves as an advisor to the President, was there to be a speaker at Norwalk Early College Academy and parents weren’t pleased. After parents rushed to pull their children out of school, Ivanka only ended up speaking with “a handful” of students, according to the Daily Mail. Parents made it known that they were displeased over not being informed that the President’s daughter would be at the school. According to reports, the reason the visit came as a surprise was due to security reasons.

News sources are suggesting that parents who oppose the President’s views pulled their children out of school as a political statement. Karen Fitzgerald, a parent of one of the students who attends Norwalk, said parents should have been given the choice of whether or not they wanted to send their kids to school with Ivanka Trump there. She made the decision to pull her child out of school that day.

Ivanka accompanied IBM CEO Ginni Rometty to the high school. The CEO was there to discuss a new educational program IBM developed that allows the students to “simultaneously earn a high school diploma, associate degree and develop technical skills.” Ivanka was at the school to discuss career education as the high school couples the high school education with a hands-on learning experience, a model Ivanka has been promoting during her time at the White House.

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The reaction to Ivanka’s visit sparked debate online. Some argued the parents’ reactions were over the top or immature, while others argued it was necessary. Trump supporters seemed confused why parents would yank their kids out of class over a career talk, while others argued that her visit was a form of propaganda they had no interest in having their kids be a part of.

Although Ivanka was using the visit to showcase the importance of STEM education, a curriculum that allows teenagers to complete a high school diploma and an associate degree in software engineering in just four years, many felt there were ulterior motives at play. On the visit, Ivanka told Refinery29 in an email: “As part of the Administration’s commitment to economic growth and job creation, we are laser-focused on helping Americans prepare for the jobs of the future.”

Ivanka tweeted a picture promoting the visit, saying “Great visit to Norwalk Early College Academy today with @IBM CEO @GinniRometty. PTECH schools equip high school students with skills training in #STEM & Computer Science, enabling them to thrive in our modern economy,” wrote Ivanka. “It was an honor to meet so many bright and talented students!” Other than the tweet, there’s been no mention of how Ivanka felt about parents pulling their children out thus far.

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