20+ Hilarious Moments When Dogs Realized They Were Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park

If you have ever owned a dog, then you know how much they love going to the park. You also know how much dogs hate going to the vet. It’s very hard to trick a dog into thinking they are going to the park instead of the vet, but sometimes this does happen.

If you want to see some really adorable and hilarious pictures of dogs then you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a list of 25 hilarious moments when dogs realized they were going to the vet instead of the park.

1. Oh No: If you have ever been told that you are going somewhere other than you imagined, then this picture sums up exactly what your face looked like. And the same goes for dogs. When this dog found out that they were going to the vet instead of the park this was the dog’s immediate reaction. And we have to admit although the dog is adorable, these play by play photos are hilarious.

2. You Can’t Find Me: This dog owner posted to Reddit saying that their dog Jack does this tactic when they are at the vet. Dog Jack goes to the corner of the room and puts its face in the corner. If the dog can’t see anyone then it thinks that no one can see him. This strategy by Jack probably doesn’t work but it does make for a really hilarious photo.

3. Fear In Eyes: When a big dog like this one has fear in its eyes like this one does, you know it’s at the vet. Look how scared this dog looks, it’s so sad. But what makes this photo hilarious is that the owner is dealing with the consequences of bringing his dog to the vet. He is now having to hold this heavy dog in his lap.

4. We Aren’t Going To The Park: This dog owner stated on Reddit that they took a different route to the vet so their dog wouldn’t freak out. This plan worked up until they turned a corner and this is the reaction the dog had on its face right the moment it found out it wasn’t going to the vet. The hilarious shock on this dog’s face is the sign of its owner’s betrayal.

5. You’re Joking Right?: When this dog found out that it was going to the vet this is the hilarious face it pulled on its owner. It’s one of those faces that humans pull when someone tricks them into going somewhere that they didn’t wanna go. It’s the ‘you’re joking right?’ face. And we can’t stop laughing at it.

Reddit /u/ rachelspeaking

6. Where Are We Going Again?: This is one skeptical dog. It seems as though this dog has been told one too many times that they are going to the park when instead he’s going to the vet. This dog is smarter now than it has been in the past and questions their owner with this look. This dog’s face is so adorable that we might turn the car around and go back to the park just because.

7. I’m Angry: If looks could kill this one owner would be dead. When this beautiful dog found out that she was going to be going to the vet, she immediately turned to her owner and pulled this face. If we were the owners of this dog we would definitely consider turning the car around. We don’t think that this owner is going to be getting any love.

8. Heartbroken: This photo will break anyone’s heart just as much as this dog’s heart was broken when he figured out he was heading to the vet. This dog went into immediate depression when he figured out that he was going to the vet instead of the gym. And if this ever happened to one of us we would probably turn around the car and head back towards that park.

9. Escape Plan: If you ever see your dog doing this please know that they are hatching an escape plan. When this dog went into the kennel he immediately knew that he was going to the vet. That’s when he thought of this hilarious way to get out of the kennel and free himself from the oncoming horror. We are guessing he wasn’t able to make it through though.

10. Hiding Place: It seems like a lot of dogs have the same plan when they are at the vet. That plan is to hide in the corner or behind a chair and think that because they can’t see anyone then no one can see them. Sadly for the dog, this isn’t what happens but hilariously for us, we get into the minds of these dogs and get to see these adorable photos.

Reddit /u/ matthewandrew

11. Guilt Trip: When this dog found out that it was going to the vet it pulled the guilt trip. This guilt trip is the one that a lot of parents see over the years when raising their children. The hilarious thing is that this happens also when you are the parent of a dog. These dogs use their eyes like this one did to make you feel horrible for bringing them to the vet.

Reddit /u/ schlinker

12. You Can’t Make Me: Dogs really don’t like going to the vets which is clear in this hilarious photo. This big dog found out it was at the vet and immediately tried to get out of there. The owner needed to hold the dog in his arms as the dog helplessly looked for the door to get out of this trap.

Reddit /u/ puregoldbaby

13. Why Did You Bring Me Here?: This owner knows that they are going to be in a lot of trouble after this vet appointment. Their dog was sitting at the door and staring at them through the little window. Though this is hilarious because we know the dog will be giving the cold shoulder to its owners for quite some time, we feel bad for the dog to be this scared of the vet.

14. Did You Say Vet?: This hilarious moment when this dog found out that they were going to the vet is priceless. It looks as though the kid accidentally used the work vet and the dog happened to hear it and freaked right out. The expression on this dog’s face is hilarious and we are curious as to what happened immediately following this photo.

15. I Don’t Want To Go: Sometimes dogs don’t know what else to do but find shelter in their owner’s sweater when they are at the vet. This is an adorable photo that is clearly the last resort for this dog to not see the vet. We have a feeling that this didn’t work but at least this dog gave it everything it had.

16. Emotional Support: This is one dog that really needs some emotional support when they are at the vet. This dog places its hand on the owners for strength to get through the vet process. At least it doesn’t shy away or run away from the appointment. And we are happy that the owner is there to provide the support for their beloved dog.

17. Not Shots: When the vet said “time for a shot,” these two dogs ran for shelter. For anyone who owns a dog, you know how smart they are and how they pick up the English language fairly easily. It isn’t surprising that these dogs understood what “time for shots,” meant. We hope that this vet gets better at their job and stops telling these scared dogs what is about to happen to them.

18. Casting His Spell: When this dog found out he wasn’t going to the park but the vet he pulled this hilarious face. And we can’t stop laughing because it looks as though this dog is casting its spell on the owner. This is one adorable dog and looks as though they are performing some type of witchcraft and we find it hilarious.

19. Nope, You Can’t Make Me: When this dog found out that it was going to the vet it seemed like it was saying that the owners couldn’t make them go. For any dog owners out there, you have been through this moment before and you just need to stay strong and not give into the adorable face of your dog.

20. Brave Face: This dog owner told their adorable dog to put on her brave face when heading to the vet. Though this dog looks like she is really happy we are thinking this is just one huge sarcastic smile. Deep down, behind that smile and those strong eyes, they are cursing at their owner for bringing them.

Reddit /u/ Whiskey_Queen

21. Pissed Off: It looks as though nothing this owner does is going to make this dog happy to see the vet. This owner might as well stop rubbing the dog’s head because it looks as though it’s making the dog even more pissed off. We are laughing so hard though because this dog’s facial expression is hilarious and we have all seen or make it at some point.

22. NOOOO: When this dog found out that it was at the vet it pulled this hilarious hiding tactic. The dog merged itself between two people to hide away. It progressed more and more with each image until it was barely noticeable at all. We can’t stop laughing at the determination of this dog.

23. Terrified: This dog was spotted in the waiting room of the vet. Judging by the look on its face we think the dog knows what it is in there for and has no interest in it. This dog’s hilarious expression is literally what all of us feel when we are heading to the doctor’s office for something serious.

Reddit /u/ Scarytownterminator

24. Best Hiding Spot: When this dog heard that it was going to be heading to the vet it snuck under this blanket and wouldn’t come out. We have to admit that this is a pretty intelligent way for a dog to hide, but we don’t think that the owner won’t find it. If anything the owner will probably bring the dog in the blanket to the vet.

25. Seriously?: When this dog found out that its owner lied to him he pulled this hilarious face. This is a face we have all seen before but usually on humans. It’s that face when we want to say, “seriously?” in a ticked off way. This dog must have been around a lot of humans to master this death stare, and we are grateful for it because it’s hilarious.

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