How The Avengers Were Supposed To Look Like According To Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made billions of dollars with their films. People have flocked to the cinema because they love these superheroes. There are some fans who have only gotten interested in these films since they have been released. There are also the fans of the films that have then become fans of the comic books. And finally, there are fans who have loved the comics for years and have now become fans of the films.

For fans who love the comic books, they know that there are some differences in the way their beloved Avengers look on screen. We aren’t talking about the actors looking different compared to the characters in the comic books. We are talking about the costumes that the actors are wearing or the CGI that is used to bring some of these characters to life.

Since there are some differences between the way the Avengers look in the comics and on screen, we have decided to compile a list. We have taken screenshots from a range of Avengers films and compared them to both comic book covers and photoshopped images that were featured on the YouTube channel FunnyPigs. It’s important to keep in mind that these characters look different depending on which comic book they appear in. We are only comparing them to the exact images we have put them beside of. Below is a list of 12 Avengers that were supposed to look different according to the comic books.

1. Black Panther: There aren’t many differences between the films and the comic book for Black Panther. Nearly everything is the same other than the metal embellishments around his hips and wrist. There is also more definition in the mask of the suit for the films.

2. Captain America: The image on the right is photoshopped and was on the FunnyPig YouTube channel. We see that the film has made Cap’s suit more protective and a bit darker than in the comics. Other than that, there aren’t many differences.

3. Doctor Strange: Marvel has done a great job of bringing a pretty accurate depiction of Doctor Strange from book to screen. Everything is pretty much the same other than the gloves that Doctor Strange wears in this comic book.

Avengers: Infinity War (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) / Marvel Comics

4. Falcon: There have been some noticeable changes to the costume Falcon wears from this comic book to the screen. One of the biggest changes is that in the comics, Falcon wears a white and red suit, but in the films, he is in a metal suit that has dark red patches on it. His goggles have also changed from the comics to the films to become more protective.

5. Hulk: There haven’t been many changes to the Hulk since we have seen him throughout the comics and in the films. The only change that we can notice is the purple ripped pants which don’t appear in the films, because Bruce Banner doesn’t constantly wear them.

6. Iron Man: Even though Iron Man’s suit has changed multiple times since 2008 on screen, they have been faithful to the comics. There haven’t been drastic changes to Iron Man that deters too far away from how he appears in the comics.

7. Scarlet Witch: There has been an appearance change when it comes to Scarlet Witch. No matter when we see her in the films she is never in her actual suit, instead, she is usually in regular clothes. She changed her hair from brown to red in Avengers: Infinity War, which we haven’t seen in previous films.

8. Spiderman: This third reinvention of Spiderman has come with a minor change from this comic to the film. The first time we saw this new Spiderman he did look exactly like this comic. But since then, Tony Stark has reinvented and modernized his suit in order to better protect Peter Parker.

9. Star-Lord: The film adaptation from the Guardians Of The Galaxy comics have been very faithful to the look of Star-Lord. Everything has stayed the same except for one minor thing, his coat got shorter from the comic to the screen.

10. Thor: In Infinity War and Ragnarok we see a drastic change in Thor, but if we look at the films before those two, Thor looks identical to this comic. Although he doesn’t always wear the helmet he has in certain scenes.

11. Vision: The photoshopped image on the right was on the FunnyPig YouTube channel and depicts a version of Vision seen in some comic books. There have been some changes to the character on the screen. For instance, the colors of his outfit are a different shade and he doesn’t wear a cape. That was only in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

12. Black Widow: There has been a change in Infinity War from other films we have seen Black Widow in, for instance, she’s blonde now. If we were looking at previous films Black Widow appeared in, then she would look pretty close to this comic version, other than some minor changes to the costume.

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