8 Everyday Things You’re Constantly Doing Wrong

As we grow up, we pick up ways of performing daily tasks from the way that we see the adults around us doing them. That’s how we gauge whether what we are doing is wrong or right.

However, just because an adult is doing something a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s the right way (or the only way) of doing it. 

We’ve compiled a list of things that you might be doing wrong. Hopefully, this will help you when performing daily tasks and allow you to live your best, most efficient life.

1) Holding your steering wheel: Knowing how to hold a steering wheel properly can save you from potential car accident injuries. The safest place to put your hands is on either side of the middle of the steering wheel. If your hands are placed incorrectly and the airbag is deployed, it could open up onto your hands and arms and potentially harm your head and body.  

2) Toilet seat: Always put the toilet seat down before flushing your toilet. This will prevent the germs in the toilet bowl from flying around your bathroom.

3) Applying antiperspirant: Though it may seem nonsensical, the best time to apply your antiperspirant is at night before you sleep. That’s because at night you sweat less, which means your sweat glands are more receptive to the active ingredients in the antiperspirant which will allow it to penetrate more effectively.

4) Organize your drawer: The most effective way to use space and avoid annoying wrinkles is to roll up your clothes instead of folding them.

5) Cleaning you blender: Don’t waste time and potentially hurt yourself scrubbing the inside of your blender clean. All you have to do is fill half of the blender with water, add a little dish soap, and blend.

6) Sleep position: If you currently sleep on your stomach you might want to try changing that because this position strains your back and spine which may result in your body feeling sore throughout the day.

7) Keyboard stand: When learning how to type, you are told to extend the stands at the bottom of your keyboard so that you are better able to see the letters. Once you can type without looking, you should stop using the stand because they can make your wrists ache.

8) Tying your shoes: put your laces through the top hole creating bunny ears and then criss-cross them through. This will prevent your shoelaces from coming untied.

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