Thief Snaps Her Leg As She Tries To Run Away After Stealing Packages

A Lynnwood, Washington homeowner’s security camera showed a woman stealing packages from their front porch. The woman watched the delivery happen from her vehicle and then attempted to steal the items for herself. Unfortunately, the attempted package theft went awry when the thief broke her leg during her getaway.

This is a classic case of a crime gone wrong. The homeowner had a security camera facing their front porch, which means the woman most likely will have been caught anyway. However, the crime was ultimately averted by a wet front lawn. Had it been a warm and dry day, the woman may have succeeded in her theft.

The video shows the packages being delivered without any problem. The driver leaves the packages on the front porch, as is standard procedure. Shortly after the truck leaves though, the woman approaches the front door and grabs all the packages as quickly as she can.

It was during the attempted getaway that the thief broke her leg. The video shows her taking a hard fall, from which she is unable to pick herself up. The attempted package theft is then completely derailed as the woman has to have her companion exit the car and pick her up.

As the video shows, the woman’s companion does not seem all that concerned with the woman’s safety. He takes his time getting to her, then attempts to awkwardly pull her up from the ground. After getting the injured woman back into the car, her companion returned and stole the packages himself.

Lizeth Ababneh, the homeowner, watched the security footage and had herself a good laugh. She was disappointed that the thieves stole medicine for her husband, but was glad that the thief had to at least suffer an injury for their attempted crime.

The crime was reported to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office. The woman caught stealing packages has been identified, but is yet to be arrested and charged. One thing is for sure: she won’t be able to run away from the cops when they finally show up on her doorstep.

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