16 Things That Happen When You Start To Get Fit


Getting fit is a challenge. Hitting the gym day in and day out, changing what you eat and starting lifestyle trends that you hate. But it does get easier. When you start, it’ll feel like the end of the world:

  • Day 1: “Well this isn’t so hard. I’ll put another plate on.”
  • Day 2: “Every moment of life is agony.”
  • Day 3: “I’m never going to be able to lift my legs again.”
  • Day 4: “Oh great, I can walk up stairs again.”
  • Day 5: “Can someone help me out of this shirt? I did shoulders.”

Somehow, as the days go on though you find yourself doing things you never expected. There’s no more dragging yourself to the gym, and habits you used to have just kind of drift away.

Once you really start getting fit, it’s hilarious how many things are almost universally accepted. Here are some hilarious things we’ve all done. 

You have a clear preparation routine that cannot be altered. Beast mode.


Who needs bracelets and watches. Strap on that FitBit or heart rate monitor and go.

Healthy food tastes like candy. I don’t care what you say, kale chips taste delicious.

Drowned rat doesn’t begin to describe your cardio days. And you don’t care for a second, because your next HIIT interval is about to start.


Drinking? Well, let’s just say you’re now a lightweight. Look on the bright side, hangovers are way cheaper to acquire now.

Your shoe collection has somewhat shifted from bar star to marathon man. I’m telling you, I can’t live without that 5th pair of runners.

 Sneaking in cardio during your day is like a puzzle. Sure you don’t have to push the mail cart like a sled, but it’s way more fun if you do.


“I’ll take the stairs” isn’t just an excuse to avoid the smelly elevator-bandit at work. Not after leg day though. Never after leg day.


Carrying groceries or shopping bags into the house is now an Olympic event. You can definitely get all of them in one trip, even if it does cut off all circulation to your hands.

You no longer look at your face first in the mirror. Those calves though.

10aGavin Lee


 Protein. All the time. Don’t ask me what my favorite kind is if you don’t want a 30-minute rundown of every single brand and their strengths and weaknesses.


Chicken is now the greatest gift ever given to mankind. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew..CHICKEN BREASTS.


You can’t keep up with the gym laundry you make. How is it possible to have 13 dirty shirts after just one week?


Dates can only be scheduled on your rest day. Even then you might get in some light cardio and pick them up on a bike.

 Water truly is the elixir of life, and other drinks taste weird. What is this soda? Get that out of here. You’d make Adam Sandler in the Water Boy proud.

The next-day-aches are actually what you’re chasing. You get mad if you can move like a normal human being the day after a kettlebell workout.

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