British Airways’ Star-Studded Safety Video Is The Most British Thing You Will See Today

I think we can all agree that airline safety videos are typically very dull. Considering the fact that they are made to keep us safe or at least inform us of what to do if we aren’t, airlines should probably do more to help us focus on the information. Well, British Airways found a way to keep their passengers entertained, aware, and hopefully safer.

British Airways’ Star-Studded Safety VideoWikimedia Commons

The airline company teamed up with Comic Relief, which is a major charity based in the UK fighting poverty, to create an in-flight safety video aimed at providing information on safety procedures. So what’s the kick? The video features a variety of quintessential British celebrities pretending to audition for the role of providing the information in the video.

In the video, British comedian Asim Chaudhry plays the director. The first star to go up is ’12 Years a Slave’ actor and Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor. The comedian begins by instructing Ejiofor on where to look (at the camera), and then asking him if he has any experience acting in a safety video, to which Ejiofor responds, “No, only feature films.” Chaudhry appears less than impressed.

Chaudhry condescendingly responds, “Well this could be your big break, okay mate? So don’t mess it up.” The whole video is hilariously ridiculous and features other well-known Brits including Gillian Anderson, Gordon Ramsay, and Ian McKellen. All attempt to explain various parts of the safety features and try to win the part of being featured in the video.

During their bit, Warwick Ashley Davis tells Ian McKellen, “that was so wonderful, you’ll get the part.” But the absolute highlight of the video comes at the end when Rowan Atkinson appears and acts out his Mr. Bean shtick. The video definitely exceeds any expectations set by airline safety videos and will hopefully raise the bar for these sorts of videos in the future.

Getting people to focus wasn’t the airline’s only goal, they are also encouraging people to donate to Flying Start, a charity organization that raises funds for impoverished children. As the passengers are being entertained by their favourite stars, they are also informed about the safety procedures and directed to donate. The whole thing is quite brilliant.

During his part, Gordon Ramsay couldn’t help but curse over some errors on his autocue which directed him to say some pretty unusual lines. The swearing is, of course, censored but it’s still as Gordon Ramsay as it gets. The video is a good laugh, but don’t take our word for it—check it out for yourself below!

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