Someone Stole This Guy’s Paid Parking Spot For Weeks, But His Revenge Was Pure Gold

Parking lots have become a battlefield.

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It seems like cars are multiplying while parking spaces are not, causing a generally impatient population to absolutely lose their mind when a parking space is unavailable.

Many people can get pretty territorial when it comes to a parking space they’ve come to know and love. This is when parking wars can get especially heated – and let’s be honest – kind of crazy. Such an incident happened to Reddit user Goalnado who shared a story of an infuriating parking culprit and outlined how he got his revenge. The user started, “Behind our building, there is a very small car park that holds 8 cars, which are divided evenly between us and a neighbouring business. We have to pay about £1200 a year each in order to reserve one of the spaces.”

The Reddit user said he didn’t mind paying the cost of driving because it was important in his line of work. However, he did mind when a parking vigilante began to use his paid parking space. Granado says that because the parking lot is so small, parking law enforcement is scarce. So when the Reddit user had a person steal the parking spot he’d paid for, he couldn’t take it lying down. After over a week of frustration, he decided to take action. He began by leaving multiple notes for the owner of the vehicle to call him, which he’d find crumpled up on the floor.

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When he realized that the note had no effect, he began to park his car behind the vehicle in order to block him in. Unfortunately, this didn’t work because Goalnado would always finish work before the car owner showed up to notice.


Instead of calling the parking company, Goalnado borrowed his brother’s car while he was on vacation, parked it behind the unwanted car to guarantee he’d block the culprit in, and parked his own car in a co-worker’s space who was on leave. He also contacted parking enforcement to let them know his brother’s car was permitted to be there.

Finally, the wicked plan revealed a sweaty, irate man furious that he was unable to remove his car, but Goalnado didn’t think this was enough; he let the man’s vehicle be blocked in for over a month collecting over $2000 in illegal parking tickets! Now that’s what you call parking revenge!

 His Revenge Was Pure GoldGiphy

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