24 People Having One Heck Of A Day

So you’re having a bad day and you’re taking one down. Even after you’ve sang your sad song trying to turn it around, you STILL can’t kick those blues!

Daniel Powter didn’t prepare us for this at all! Wait, let me check the lyrics real quick …(Jeopardy music)… 

Nope, just a bunch of useless info about needing passion and kicking leaves.

Here you go, compare yourselves to these poor losers so you can cheer up! The Germans have a word for that, I think…These are the 25 People Having One Heck Of A Day.

1. Trapped by Trolleys (North American title: Captured by Carts). This is incredibly annoying, what a bay day for this guy. Apparently, you need one Australian dollar to unlock each cart, hopefully, this poor Aussie has a bunch of change. Side note: this poster called the Australian dollar a “gold coin” which is probably the second most Australian name for it, the first being something involving a kangaroo, the nicest beaches, and Aussie rules football. Kabeaull?

2. When the moon hits your eye… If you’re sleeping on the jittery, rickety metal prison that is the subway you’re already having a pretty exhausting day. The only comfort one can possibly receive from such a tiring day is through food, yet now this person’s ticket to repose is spilled out all over the floor of a public transit vehicle. Which is pretty much up there with rubbing it all over a porta-potty then throwing it in a dumpster. Even then, it might be a little more safe to eat.

3. Impromptu Mystique cosplay. It seems that the long-awaited Avatar 2 is slightly lower budget than we initially expected… then again, now that Disney owns the rights to the film, it kind of doesn’t matter HOW they present their Na’vi. Disney backed films have a tendency to make a profit of “all the money in the world”

4. How Eggs-cruciating. This may seem like just an unfortunate accident to YOU, but to chickens, this photo represents a very hard time in their history. If you happen upon a chicken someday, offer them your condolences for “The Great Egg Spill of ‘12”. They’ll thank you for it.

Reddit /u/ Chromosome_wizard2

5. What happened here? Nothing is cast in concrete. Some of the comments on this post offer some insight into what might have happened on this fateful day. They range from “a tiny buffalo fell into the concrete and a person used a scooter to help it escape” to “a crazy marketing scheme by Red Bull”. I think that scooters are finally rising up and bucking our children off! The revolution has begun! They called me insane and booted me from Academia, but who’s laughing now?

6. That’s one way to disarm a man. Ooh baby, that’s gotta hurt! I wonder if this person knows that you’re not supposed to actually flap your arms like a bird to fly, usually the glider does most of the work. Unless… no, I can’t try that again. The hospital said they would stop fixing me up after the fifth time.

7. McDonalds Problems, indeed. Don’t just stand there staring and laughing! Doesn’t anyone know about the five-second rule? A quick aside: have you ever encountered those people who believe in the 30-second rule? You might as well just EAT OFF the floor at that point! A second quick aside: the five-second rule DOES NOT apply to the floors of public transportation.

8. One heck of a day… FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! It seems not even the sweet release of death can save you from bad days, as this veteran who passed away found. One has to wonder if they, you know, did a quick circle AROUND the tree before taking the chainsaws to it. Unless their intention was to disrespect a Veteran and if so then kudos! Welcome to the worst people in America club, please take a seat and hey, have you tried hang gliding with just your arms?

9. This is his life now. Middle school sure can be hard, what with bullies, teachers riding you and the menacing threat of puberty luring threateningly on the horizon. Then you throw in bus drivers who are either inattentive or have a vendetta against knapsacks and it’s pretty much unbearable! Regarding the bus drivers comment, I don’t want to sound like a bigot but I wouldn’t blame them for hating bags. Smug, self-centered backpacks, go back to BAG-ladesh! (The author would like to note that the Pulitzer committee has yet to contact him, much to his confusion and dismay).

10. Call it a D-?  The tester: “Well Carrie, it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting your license today. Well sure, we can start with the good— you merged excellently, which was great. Your parallel parking was on point, which was also good. Your three-point turns were a little shaky, but I gave it a pass. Where you really went wrong my dear was ramming the car full speed into my place of work. Not recommended at any time, especially during your test. You can schedule another in a couple weeks, but PLEASE at least ATTEMPT to be more careful next time!”

11. Easy, breezy, coverless.  This seems like a fairly run-of-the-mill “that sucks” moment until you realize that the poster was going on an 8-hour flight that day. Presumably, based on the poster’s luck, a flight that is overbooked and late. Populated with only babies who have incredibly sensitive ears and unbelievably high pitched wails of pain. And, halfway through the flight, the screaming babies hijack the plane. And there’s no pilot. And the in-flight meal is pineapple pizza. Burnt pineapple pizza.

12. Big Bird’s washing machine. Finally! Someone else understands the trials and tribulations of owning a pet ostrich! I have so much to discuss with this person, from proper riding techniques to big egg recipes. And you long-haired dog owners thought YOU had it bad!

13. What to expect when you’re expecting.  Looks like the tire doctor (the mechanic, perhaps? The guy from Mr. Lube? Forget it, moving on) had some great news for this tire and her significant other. Since this picture, the tire’s Instagram and Pinterest have been flooded with “we’re expecting” posts, which is great for them. When’s the gender reveal party? I bet they’re hoping for a BFGoodrich!

14. New wave of Meatatarianism. Get with the times, guys, being a vegan is SO 2016. It’s all about being a carnivore now! Beef stock in coffee, food with only cruelty-full meat-made products in it, all wrapped up with a general sense of moral superiority! The ironic thing here is that the poster was trying to put almond milk into their coffee. While it may be a bit of a leap in the other direction, don’t knock it until you try it!

15. Have yourself a hungry little Christmas… Hey, at least this guy had the courtesy to ruin dinner while drunk BEFORE it actually started. Most other people wait until halfway through family supper to get completely blackout blitzed and THEN ruin Christmas. How do I know all this, you ask? No reason, but on an unrelated note anyone know a place to get eggnog this time of year? Rum and cokes just aren’t doing it for me.

16. Thanks a bundle, Nature! Look on the bright side, the owner of the house can now enjoy their new free backyard pond! And the poster is entirely ungrateful about it too, calling the sudden acquisition of a pool an “inconvenience”. Listen, internet person, in my day pools were a luxury! We were lucky not to get scabies from our local watering hole and that was when the weather was hotter too! Heck, I remember one summer I was spending time in Patty O’Neal’s orange grove when… wait, what was I talking about again?

Reddit /u/ BassRiderX

17. What an unusual view! While it’s one heck of a day for the driver, the look on the elephant’s face suggests the opposite for it! The pure bliss in this giant’s eyes is almost inspiring, it takes so much joy in this little practice. However, if the elephant is a boy, the people on the passenger side may not be as joyful.

18. You should really clean this up, someone could really hurt themselves! There’s a saying from Canada that I just made up: “there’s use crying over spilled liquor”. Well for this liquor store, break out the tissues and ice cream because it’s going to be a LONG morning. And for all the rodeo clowns out there, THIS is why we don’t allow bulls in the store!

18. You should really clean this up, someone could really hurt themselves! There’s a saying from Canada that I just made up: “there’s use crying over spilled liquor”. Well for this liquor store, break out the tissues and ice cream because it’s going to be a LONG morning. And for all the rodeo clowns out there, THIS is why we don’t allow bulls in the store!

20. The Iceman Cometh. Welcome to Jake Bean’s newest and greatest fad, choose your own punchline: 1. In Canada, we call this “a shower”. 2. This season of Game of Thrones is looking fairly tame and 3. “Honey! I think I found the leak!” Which one did you find is the most “hilarious”.

21. I hurt myself, today…. The worst part about this is when the poster eventually got frustrated and started shaking the vending machine, they became one of the potentially two people a year to pass away from vending machines. In a similar vein, did you know vending machines kill more people than sharks? Truly they are nature’s perfect assassin.

22. Thanks, Obama. Once again, sleeping on public transportation means someone gets to miss out on something great. Except this time instead of pizza, it’s missing a chance to meet a former President, possibly one of America’s most noteworthy and famous. I hope the young man slept well that day because I can almost guarantee he never did it again.

23. Detailing! My main question is if one goes to all the trouble of spray painting someone’s car, why put a positive message. Is it an inside joke? Meant to be ironic, maybe? In all honesty, the spray-painted message itself raises more questions than the act!

24. The next Dicaprio? Hey, the part of the doorknob is a very distinguished part! In fact, I hear Daniel Day-Lewis is playing an elevator panel in his next film. Being the method actor he is, he stands in elevators and let’s anti-social people hammer the “close door” button when they see their co-workers approaching.

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