You Can Live Inside America’s First Shopping Mall For $550 A Month

Shopping isn’t what it used to be. More and more of us are retiring from going to the mall for our shopping needs and turning to online shopping for whatever it is we need. In fact, as more Americans are turning to the internet, shopping malls across the country are closing their doors. So what is to come of these isolated buildings? Well, one historic mall has found a creative way to repurpose its former retail space. That’s right. People now have the opportunity to live inside a shopping mall.

The Westminster Arcade is a historical mall, America’s first shopping mall in Providence, Rhode Island, that has been turned into micro-lofts. It’s offering people a chance to live inside a piece of history…and I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome.

The Westminster Arcade opened in 1892, offering people an English-style indoor shopping experience in the US. But recently the mall had fallen on hard times…like a lot of other retail locations across the United States. But instead of being completely demolished, developers decided to give the mall a second life.

The first floor is still being rented out as commercial space but the top two floors have been turned into micro-apartments. There are about 38 units, all ranging in size from 225 to 300 square feet. According to Country Living, they are made to accommodate the growing masses cramming into Rhode Island’s urban areas. So far, residents are made up of mostly young professionals who don’t have much stuff and don’t mind living in such a small, cramped space.

So how much exactly do these places go for? Rent starts at $550 a month and there’s already a waiting list of people who are just dying to move into this “cozy” space. The space looks extremely modern and very cozy. It’s perfect if you are single and are working long hours and just need a simple space to lay your head down.

It honestly has everything that you need. The essentials. A kitchen, a bathroom (complete with a shower), a bedroom and even a mini closet. One resident notes that with her job, she does a lot of travelling and doesn’t see a point in paying a large amount of rent. This place is perfect for her because she doesn’t have a lot of clothes and simply needs a place to sleep in for a few weeks until she has to go fly somewhere again.

Want to know exactly what these places look like? Want to meet some of the residents? Check out the video down below! You’ll get a full tour of some of the residents’ places. Honestly, after watching the video it really looks like an ideal place for someone who is a working professional or someone who simply doesn’t need a big space! Maybe more and more malls will be doing this!

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