Couple Slept In Disgusting Bed Bug Infestation For Years

A recent video which was taken by exterminators went viral after revealing the horrific conditions that a couple from London, England had to endure. The video showcased thousands if not tens of thousands of bed bugs crawling all over the floor, blankets, ceiling, and crevices. The couple had been there for six years and had to live through these horrid conditions.

In the video, viewers can see a blanket that is covered with bed bug eggs and the bed frame itself is stained with blood from the bed bugs attacking the sleeping couple. The couple, who has remained anonymous, was ‘evicted’ from the building for the night as the exterminators went to work. In the video, the exterminators then point to bulges in the ceiling and the wall that, when popped, caused thousands of bugs to spew out of.

Peter Bowers-Davis, who is one of the exterminators, can be heard saying ‘[this is] one of the worst that I’ve seen. This is the bed that they have slept in every night, the two of them. This is actually where someone was living.’

In an article done by The Sun, they reported that the apartment is part of a complex that is composed of 135 units. So far dozens of other apartments from within the complex have been infiltrated with bed bugs and so far 13 have been treated.

In the video, bed bugs can be seen scurrying away as the blankets are lifted up. The situation is so bad that the exterminators had to tape their gloves to their overalls in order to keep their bodies completely covered. Mark, who is the one behind the camera, can be heard saying: ‘this is what these poor residents of the building are up against.’

Peter stated that there are so many bugs out in the open in the video because all the ‘prime spots’ such as the creases in the sheets or the nooks and crannies in the bed frame have all been taken and are packed full of bed bugs.

According to CBS News, a recent new study conducted by Rutgers revealed the prevalence of bed bugs in low-income homes. The researchers from Rutgers looked at 2,373 low-income apartments in 43 buildings in New Jersey and found that 1 out of every 8 apartments had a bedbug infestation. The research concluded that bed bugs were most often found on beds followed by sofas and then upholstered chairs. CBS News reported that African-American residents were more likely to be affected by bed bugs than white residents and that women reported more bedbug symptoms than men. And finally, buildings with a high turnover rate were more likely to have a higher bed bug infestation count.

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