16 Photos That Prove The Sun Is An Evil Tattoo Artist

Have you ever had an unfortunate sunburn? One that not only hurts but also makes you look kind of silly? There’s nothing worse than bad tan lines, and sometimes people get them worse than others. When they get badly sunburnt, it shows, and it’s bad. The obvious lesson is to wear sunscreen.

However, wearing sunscreen isn’t always the best solution. If you don’t apply it carefully and spread it everywhere, that unfortunate sunburn is surely going to pop up. Plus, if you have a prankster friend and you ask them to apply sunscreen to your back, they might just write some kind of funny message.

These 16 people each suffered an unfortunate sunburn and were at least smart enough to provide photographic evidence of why it is so important to wear sunscreen. Let their bad tan lines be a reminder that sun safety is one of the most important things to be aware of this summer.

1. This poor guy’s unfortunate sunburn lets you know exactly how he fell asleep in the sun. At least he has a place to rest his hand that won’t be excruciatingly painful.

2. Well, this is terrifying. Imagine getting sunburnt, then realizing that the only parts of you that didn’t get burned were covered with giant spiders. Gross.

3. Those sunscreen sticks seem like a great idea at first, but you have to actually do the work of spreading it around, or else you end up like this.

4. Falling asleep in the sun is embarrassing enough, but what about falling asleep in the sun while you’re eating? Yeah, that makes for an unfortunate sunburn.

5. Well, this just seems like a great way to give away your secret identity. Hopefully, the pain was worth it, Bruce.

6. Imagine if you had a shirt that you never had to wash. Actually, you have to wash it still, but it’s more like you just taking a shower. Presented here: the perma tank top.

7. Look, no one should have to be ashamed of wearing Crocs, considering their famed level of comfort. However, Croc tan lines should be roundly mocked.

8. Like we said before, never trust your friends to apply sunscreen to your back, or at least make sure they’re getting it everywhere.

9. Now, THIS is a sunburn. You know it’s bad when you could use your arm to color test the freshness of a steak. Hope he had some aloe handy.

10. This is the kind of unfortunate sunburn that tells everyone what you were doing all weekend. At least it was something healthy, right? Better wear a hat for a while.

11. Sometimes an unfortunate sunburn creates a work of art on your body. For instance, this young man made the profile of a face on his side. It probably still hurts though.

12. These suspender tan lines are pretty funny, but this looks like the kind of guy that most people would avoid laughing at.

13. There are a lot of different ways to show your American pride, but several of them are far less painful than this option.

14. Give this guy some credit: he avoided getting a bad sunburn on the top of his head. However, he does lose points for obviously wearing his hat backward.

15. These are the kind of tan lines you end up with when the friend applying sunscreen to your backpack is a math whiz (AKA a nerd).

16. Showing your brand appreciation can sometimes go too far, but this is definitely beyond going too far. Hope he got paid for advertising on his own body.

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