Palace Releases First Photos of Prince Louis, People Immediately Notice The Blue Cardigan

Palace Releases First Photos of Prince LouisInstagram @Kensingtonroyal

If you feel like you can’t be seen wearing an outfit more than once, just let your sibling have it! That’s exactly what we’ve seen in a recent royal photo. Recently, Kensington Palace released an official photo of His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

The third child of Prince William and Duchess Kate was born on April 23rd and the newly released photo is of Princess Charlotte cradling her newborn brother Prince Louis on her third birthday. The photo was taken by their mother, who seems to have an eye for photography.

Besides the cuteness overload of this photo, fans noticed something else: a familiar article of clothing. People have noticed that Charlotte’s navy blue cardigan happens to be a hand-me-down from her big brother!

If you recall, George, 4, had previously worn that sweater by Spanish brand Fina Ejerique that retails for about $52. George wore this exact cardigan in a 2016 photo.

The photo was of Queen Elizabeth along with her seven grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The photo was taken by famous celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, taken to commemorate the monarch’s 90th birthday.

Fans are in absolute “awe” at the photography skills Kate seems to have in capturing the simplistic beauty when she’s taking photos of her kids. But this isn’t the first time fans are noticing an outfit being worn more than once by a sibling!

A photo which was taken on April 26th shows a photo of Prince Louis who is wearing a white onesie, lying wide awake on top of a soft white blanket. This white jumper is also a hand-me-down that was previously worn by Princess Charlotte in her first official photos in 2015!

Designer Ana Perez spoke to PEOPLE and said, “We couldn’t be happier to see little Princess Charlotte wearing the same cardigan Prince George once wore. It is a huge pleasure to be among the brands in their wardrobe”.

Back to the outfit, Prince Louis was photographed in April, that baby outfit was a gift from the mother of the children’s nanny Maria according to PEOPLE. It was from a shop in San Sebastian, Spain.

The photo of Prince Louis that was released has fans noting just how much the newborn looks like his father, Prince William. Though the baby is only about 2 weeks old, people can’t help but notice how much he looks like his dad when he was a baby.

Palace Releases First Photos of Prince LouisTWITTER @KATIESROYAL

A side-by-side photo of the newborn and newborn Prince William held by his mother, Princess Diana, shows just how much they look alike. Everything from the hair to the skin tone, to the facial expression. How adorable!

Palace Releases First Photos of Prince LouisInstagram @kensingtonroyal

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