There’s Now A Pimple Popping Toy, So I Know What I Want For My Birthday

Some people get a thrill out of popping pimples but can’t find enough people to satisfy their zit-popping needs. Well, manufacturers have found a solution to this pimple conundrum and designed a toy that simulates popping pimples so you can still get that same satisfaction whenever you need it!

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The toy is called POP IT PAL, and it’s a novelty toy that gives the same feeling of getting your hands on a juicy zit with a huge pop finale. The toy was invented by a married couple who embraced their love for picking blemishes and wanted to create a toy that all pimple-poppers would appreciate.

Billy and Summer Pierce wrote on their POP IT PAL website that they came up with the idea during a casual pimple-popping conversation while on the road. Wife Summer wistfully asked her husband how great it would be to make a pimple that felt as good as those viral pimple-popping videos online, and husband Billy took the idea and ran with it!

So here we are with the final design; it’s basically like a small sheet of silicone pimples just waiting to be taken care of, and the toy comes in two different colours. In your POP IT PAL kit you’ll also receive a bottle of all-natural pus and don’t worry about running out – refills are available on their site,

Pop it

People on Twitter reacted to the new toy, and many seemed to be in favour. One Twitter user called it “the fidget spinner for pimple poppers!” Other people received the toy as a gift from their partners, calling the present a sign of “true love.”

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POP IT PAL is a great way to scratch that itch without the repercussions of picking at real pimples, like getting infections or causing scars. At $19.99, this pimple-popping toy will also make the perfect gift for any of your friends who can’t help but try to pick at that blemish on their face.

A portion of the profit even goes to the married couple’s daughter’s anti-bullying charity, Kidz Against Bullying. Everybody wins!

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