Paris Jackson Opens Up About Her Happy Place And Her Man Crush On Michael Cera

If you don’t know who Paris Jackson is, then it’s about time you do. Not only is the 19-year-old beauty the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, but it’s clear that just like her father, Paris Jackson possesses that star quality that catapults her into the limelight.

At only 19, Paris Jackson has proved that she’s unlike most teenagers her age. Her unique style and wisdom beyond her years have everyone’s attention. An actress, activist, and model, it’s clear this talented teen will be an unstoppable force in Hollywood. But what do we know about her so far?

Paris recently sat down with Cosmopolitan and allowed us a glimpse into her life and what she’s really like. Here’s what we learned:

Her major movie acting debut will be in the upcoming film ‘Gringo,’ alongside Charlize Theron and David Oyelowo. Until then, fans can keep up with the starlet on social media, although she is pretty guarded about her personal life. Speaking of social media, Paris admitted that her favorite account to follow is NASA.

On herself, the 19-year-old said her best trait is her ‘intuition’ and her worst traits are the ‘the stereotypical Aries cons: feisty, impulsive, stubborn.’

In the love department, the actress and model says she has a weakness for ‘kind eyes’ and anyone she feels can ‘see her soul.’ We also learned her #MCM is Michael Cera: ‘If you’ve seen any of his films, then you’d know why I think he’s so great… He’s adorable,’ revealed Paris.

Although her career can take her all over, she dished to the mag that her happy place is, ‘in the middle of nowhere, cooking baked beans over an open fire,’ and that every 20-something should try backpacking because ‘it’s a cool way to give yourself space for self-creation.’ When speaking about her future goals, Paris admitted her hopes go beyond entertainment and that she’s ‘joined more movements in the name of [peace] and [love].’

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