Epic Battle Between A King Cobra And A Python Caught In Ferocious Images

It’s a wild world out there in the animal kingdom. As a means of survival, there is a constant battle between different species, some of which challenge their own kind. For two snakes, it was a ferocious encounter that saw them entangled in an epic fray.

A viral photo circulating on Reddit reveals a king cobra and reticulated python in a violent clash, exemplifying the brutality of life in the wild. The title for the longest and heaviest snake in the world goes to the reticulated python, according to Guinness World Records, while the king cobra holds the title for longest and most venomous, according to National Geographic. 

Stretching 7 meters long and weighing in at 75 kilos, the reticulated python contains enough strength to crush the bones of an animal instantly, according to Live Science. Known to constrict its enemies, the python can grow up to 30 feet long, wrapping itself around its prey in a forceful way. They are known to typically feed on mammals and birds but aren’t known for being a threat to human beings.

On the opposing end of the ring, we have the king cobra, which measures up to 5.5 meters long, weighing in at 9 kilos. With a single bite, it can leave an Asian elephant unconscious, or even dead, considering the level of neurotoxins within it, according to Reuters. This particular breed of snake is known for preying on other snakes. 

The wild brawl is captured in an epic image that shows the two snakes battling to death. Looking closely, you can see the king cobra’s jaws gnawing down on the neck of the python, while the python’s body is closely constricting its enemy. The cobra’s body can be seen extending away from the binding, attempting to be released from captivity.

As the attack continued, the king cobra ultimately went for the kill, striking the python with a venomous bite. Even this wasn’t enough to take down the python, as it proceeded to squeeze the juices out of the cobra, continuing to latch on to its body. Although the bite was ultimately fatal to the python, it choked its opponent to death, leaving the two of them dead.

The fatal encounter is said to have taken place in the wild of Southeast Asia, where the two snake juggernaut species intertwine.

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