United Kicked Off Woman Traveling To See Her Dying Mother ‘Nobody Flies For Free’

Carrol Amrich is a woman from Pueblo, Colorado who was recently kicked off of a United Airlines flight. She was on her way to visit her dying mother when the airline removed her from the flight due to the cancellation of her ticket by an online travel agency. The travel agency claims that they cancelled her ticket because Carrol changed her flight last minute without informing them.

United Kicked Off Woman Traveling To See Her Dying Mother

According to NBC News, Carrol said that she was not offered any empathy or help from United Airlines. It was on January 16th when Carrol learned that her mother, Dixie Hanson, was hospitalized in Minnesota. Since Carrol didn’t have enough money at the time, she asked her landlord to pay for her ticket. Her landlord decided to go on Traveler HelpDesk to pay for the $585 United ticket.

It was later, as reported by Fox News, that Carrol learned that her mother was experiencing heart failure and wouldn’t live through the night. Immediately, her landlord, Ines Prelas, called United and paid an additional $75 in order for Carrol to fly on an earlier flight.

The two women rushed to the airport in Colorado Springs where she would fly through Denver to Minneapolis. When Carrol finally boarded the plane she was notified moments later by a boarding agent that she had to leave since her ticket had been cancelled.

United Kicked Off Woman Traveling To See Her Dying MotherThe-New-York-Times

The New York Times reported Carrol as saying: ‘I said ‘I’m trying to get home to see my mother. She’s dying,” Amrich said. ‘She goes, ‘I can’t help it. You have to have a ticket, no one flies for free. Please disembark.’ I knew at that time I’d never see my mother again.’

United Kicked Off Woman Traveling To See Her Dying Mother

Ines Perlas, the landlady, even offered to pay another additional fare. According to Fox News, she said: ‘Take my credit card. We’ll straighten this out later, but get her on that plane.’ The agent denied her request because the flight had allegedly already left by then. Carrol then decided to drive straight to Minnesota. She drove through the night and didn’t stop at all. In an interview with the New York Times Carrol said that she didn’t make it there in time.

‘I drove 1,000 miles, and she was gone before I got here, I never stopped to rest. I went straight through. And she was gone. I cried the whole way from Pueblo. I’ve been awake for two days. I haven’t had anything to eat in two days.’ Carolyn Gallant, who is a customer service supervisor at Traveler HelpDesk, said that they cancelled Carrol’s ticket because they were unaware that Ines had changed the flight by calling United Airlines directly.

United Kicked Off Woman Traveling To See Her Dying MotherUNITED

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