24 Close Calls That Could Have Turned Out Much, Much Worse

It can be easy to let your guard down when things seem to be going swimmingly, but all it takes is a narrow escape from danger or disaster to make those guards go right back up. While experiencing a close call usually warrants a sense of relief, when you’re in that situation, you still can’t help but imagine just how much worse things could have been.

Whether it’s been something minor or something heart-stopping, we’ve all experienced at least one close call in our lifetime. It’s not often you have evidence of this (almost) event other than a look on your face that says, “Phew!”

However, these following people managed to document the aftermath of their narrow escapes that could have been a lot more serious. Here are 25 close calls that could have turned out much, much worse.

1. You would think this woman would have heard at least a crackle before this tree came crashing down, but apparently not. Luckily for her, this fallen timber managed to just miss her. One would imagine there’d be more of a reaction to almost becoming a trash bark sandwich, however, this woman simply went on about her day as if cheating death was an everyday hurdle.

2. Now here is one advertisement this man will never forget. It’s not too often we look up while walking, but it’s safe to assume this guy will have his eyes on the sky for the rest of his life. He probably wouldn’t have even known how lucky he was if it weren’t for this security footage.

3. Of all the windows that this man could have chosen to climb up to, the one with a cliff of quickly melting snow is probably the most ill-advised. Luckily that ladder is equipped with a railing, because if not, this rescuer would quickly become the one who needs to be rescued.

4. It only takes one look at that dorsal fin to know that these people were not swimming with dolphins. While these four may now have a story that can easily one up any other thrill seekers’, it’s a safe bet that they will be sticking to swimming pools from here on out.

5. The fact that this woman decided to cross a ski slope with a skier just inches away from making a jump proves that she’s not very observant. However, she is incredibly lucky that this skier’s flip left her unscathed and that her ill-timed passing didn’t cause him to wipe out.

6. It’s always good to be cautious when driving through wooded areas just in case a wild animal comes bolting across the road — or a random tobogganer. You would think this guy would have started to at least try and stop himself with his feet when he saw the approaching vehicles, but maybe he was just looking for some real life Frogger action.

7. Usually the scariest part of bungee jumping is the free fall itself, but this daredevil was given another reason entirely to fear his descent. This crocodile probably saw enough people come grazing his turf that it figured it might as well take advantage. Luckily for this guy, this croc still has to work on its timing.

8. These people probably didn’t expect such a 3D experience when they went to watch this implosion, but clearly, they got more than they signed up for. This couple probably thought there was nothing in the world that could come between them. They were wrong. Let’s just hope that no one was standing behind them.

9. If your job requires you to wear safety gloves, it’s probably for a very well-deserved reason. This worker was quick to realize the importance of his gear after having one incredibly close call. With his fingertips still luckily intact, he might want to invest in some even thicker gloves before getting back to work.

10. Need a reason to take the stairs? Here you go! It almost appears as if this elevator is possessed and was purposely trying to murder this unsuspecting man. Usually, elevators let you at least press a button, but this one seems like it was steadfast on becoming a surprise guillotine.

Imgur / JeepersMedia

11. Not many people are as nonchalant as this guy who seems like he could care less that the lower half of his body was almost pulverized. Casually propping up his camera after his narrow escape and without even a smidge of a reaction, this guy is clearly dedicated to his craft.

12. Maybe steel-toe boots should become more of a regular kitchen accessory. This woman could have easily been down a toe or be pinned to the hardwood in pain if her foot hadn’t been where it is. Clearly, she was appreciative of her close call to have taken a picture of the evidence.

13. “Yesterday, a woman brought in her mustang with a hole in the windshield, on the driver side at head level, and a chunk of steel stuck in the passenger side rear seat,” One Reddit user shared. ”She was driving down the highway past a state highway lawn mower. As she passed at about 65mph, the tip of the mower blade broke off, and smashed through her window and came to rest in the rear seat. She was entirely unharmed, but understandably shaken. The angle makes it seem that she was missed by mere inches, at the most.”

14. It’s not often that slipping on ice is a lucky occurrence, but for this guy, it ended up saving his life. There was no way this Monster-branded truck could have gained control back on this unforgiving terrain so this guy’s chance fall, which let him narrowly escape under the vehicle, was a pure fluke.

15. “Had a customer come into my job today (I fix phones at Sprint) and he said he damaged his phone,” WarlockRock11 shared on Reddit. “He showed it to me and said he was up a tree with a small chainsaw and he lost his balance and the rope attached to his chain saw got loose and hit his leg but only got the phone before he was able to pull it away.”

16. Whoever was behind the wheel of this car has some seriously questionable driving skills, however, you can’t deny their incredible luck. Reversing may not be their strong suit, but they certainly know a thing or two about balance. A few inches further and this vehicle would have ended up much like the shattered concrete barrier below.

17. We’ve all heard of houses being destroyed by fires, floods, and natural disasters, but getting pulverized by a gigantic boulder is certainly a new one. Luckily for whoever owns this Italian farmhouse, the boulder seems to have only claimed the garage while leaving the rest of it unscathed. Let’s just hope no one was in it.

18. This guy was clearly so focused on landing his trick that he didn’t take the incoming car into consideration at all. Lucky for him, he’s got some impressively quick reflexes. You would imagine that with all of the spectators present that someone would feel the need to shout, “CAR!”

19. If you’ve ever questioned the importance of safety goggles, this incredibly close call should put that inquiry to an end. This guy was incredibly lucky to go unscathed after an exploding angle grinder disc went shooting right into his eye. There’s a reason jobs make you watch those safety videos.

20. This barrier may have just done its job but it might be advisable to increase it’s height considering that daunting drop off. It’s safe to assume that the driver of this car got out on the passenger’s side. All it takes is a moment like this to revert a seasoned driver back to their overly cautious roots.

21. Most people aren’t lucky enough to spin out on a highway and live to tell the tale. However, this vehicle managed to miraculously do a full revolution without causing any other accidents. Not only did this car come out unscathed, it also got to continue driving like nothing ever happened.

22. When it comes to reflexes, this woman’s could use some serious work. While you can see her flinch just as she walks out of frame, she was completely oblivious to the fact that she was walking underneath a falling tree. Umbrellas may protect you from the weather, but they definitely don’t protect you from this.

23. It’s not every day that you can say a street light post saved your life, but this person certainly would not have been walking away had it not been in that exact spot. While this speedy car seems to have lost control, it almost looks like it was expertly targeting this person.

24. These three pedestrians were just innocently crossing the street when a car crash sent one of the vehicles hurtling towards them. Had this car not spun the exact way that it did, the fatality count would have definitely increased. Luckily, all three managed to go unharmed with only one falling victim to a harmless tap.

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